The tardigrade is the world's most indestructible animal

It can withstand extreme temperatures, cosmic radiation, and can even survive in outer space. Meet the "water bear".

07/08/2018 9:02 AM


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  • Mary W.
    06/09/2020 04:05


  • Generoso G.
    05/25/2020 17:30

    they won't be here on earth for another 10 billion years

  • Mike J.
    05/10/2020 07:01

    How do you know the humans race will got a time machine or something.

  • Hannele T.
    04/22/2020 17:12

    Karhukainen (in finnish)

  • Nathan D.
    04/04/2020 19:59

    how are they smoked?

  • Driss C.
    03/30/2020 21:25

    Appel moi

  • Curtis K.
    03/28/2020 01:31

    IF they have been here...and will continued to do for that long..I guess THAT blows your STUPID theories about evolution all to CRAP

  • Michel C.
    03/27/2020 21:09

    SUPER-COOL UNIVERSAL cute little Water Bears! A good example of how we humans should evolve at the universe’s scale LoL.. SUPER-COOL UNIVERSEL mignons petits Oursons d’Eau! Un bon exemple de comment nous humains devraient évoluer à l’échelle de l’univers MdR..

  • Denise B.
    03/26/2020 23:18

    Hmmm ... it's indestructible? Let's torture it!! 😖

  • David H.
    03/26/2020 21:08

    U want proof of aliens this thing is incredible

  • Hannah M.
    03/26/2020 09:47

    naked mole rat 2.0

  • Will V.
    03/26/2020 03:12


  • Liz D.
    03/26/2020 01:18

    Why would people do this

  • Francesco M.
    03/25/2020 11:35

    buon compleanno 😎🌸

  • Manuela M.
    03/25/2020 08:35


  • Julia B.
    03/25/2020 05:03

    I wonder if they can eat a virus?

  • Nîcölè M.
    03/24/2020 07:24

    your pets!! Lol

  • Jess E.
    03/24/2020 02:56

    I know these guys! From grad school that I didn’t officially attend

  • JuJeoo H.
    03/24/2020 02:12

    Can they survive without water a "water bear"?