These artificial trees could improve air quality in many cities

Strange trees have spread across this city in Mexico... This solution meant to improve air quality could soon be introduced to many other cities around the world.

07/22/2019 8:48 AM
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  • Patricia D.
    07/22/2019 10:39


  • Juancho V.
    07/22/2019 10:44

    Why not plant real trees instead?

  • Shingen T.
    07/22/2019 11:20

    in my country they say: crap on cabbage...

  • George D.
    07/22/2019 11:28

    Let’s not call it a “tree” when it is only performing one or two functions that real trees perform.

  • Cynthia T.
    07/22/2019 11:37

    Love this!

  • Greg N.
    07/22/2019 11:57

    This is crazy!😂 Why not plant real trees..silly!

  • Francisco A.
    07/22/2019 12:07

    Puede ser un arma de doble filo porque muchos intentarian reemplazar los árboles por eso

  • Shannon M.
    07/22/2019 12:22

    Population control thru 1 child policy

  • Ketty M.
    07/22/2019 12:36

    I guess you could place those things in urban areas where trees can't grow due to lack of space or fertile soil 🤷

  • Kaustabh G.
    07/22/2019 12:59

    if i was gay, that scientist would be bae

  • Zonya V.
    07/22/2019 13:06

    Increible lo mal que estamos ! Tener que recurrir a la tecnologia para descontaminar una ciudad,con lo facil que seria sembrar arboles,el problema es de todos y hay que actuar. La ciudad se vera mas hermosa con arboles,el aire mas limpio. Este metodo saldra muy costoso,mas contaminacion visual,mas basura tecnologica. Vamos de mal a peor...😠

  • Nguyen H.
    07/22/2019 14:04

    What is the result? How effective is it? The whole video is like a commercial ad. to sell a product, nothing else is mentioned. If it is a tree, it is an ugly tree, without a shade for pedestrians, without flowers for butterflies, without shelters for birds, without fruits for tree dwellers! :(

  • Norm F.
    07/22/2019 14:22

    Love thinking people with the $$$ to do something

  • Kelly O.
    07/22/2019 14:27

    Everyone on here getting up in arms over "real trees", what is your deal? Not gonna complain about one of the thousands of urban structures you encounter every day (signs, traffic lights, newspaper stands, crosswalks etc.) , but let's criticize the device that cleans the air?? You're not an intellectual for thinking real trees are preferential to this, the same way you wouldn't be an intellectual for pointing out that natural breathing is preferable to being on an oxygen tank. First of all, the algae in the device is cleaning the air more efficiently than a tree would, so if the goal is cleaning air pollution "just plant a tree" obviously isn't a viable solution.. Second of all, we aren't replacing the trees. You can still enjoy the trees, go see a tree, etc. We can honestly have these things and still have trees lol, wtf.

  • Stephanie N.
    07/22/2019 15:01

    Would this work in areas with colder climates as well?

  • Crystal P.
    07/22/2019 17:57

    Great idea, but would love to see urban planners work on fixing actual design issues so technology like this could be reserved for cities where restorative work is impractical.

  • Jan B.
    07/22/2019 21:17

    How many real trees you can plant for this money????

  • Nataliie L.
    07/22/2019 21:22

    I’d love to see actually real trees too you know

  • Carol H.
    07/22/2019 22:17

    Why not just plant more trees ?

  • Marinko M.
    07/22/2019 23:36

    Real trees please