• Wernera d.
    04/09/2019 22:40

    Years ago i had a red circle, could not find the tick anymore, i sprayed insecticide in the wound, and after one day the circle disappeared and i never got sick, God blessed me.

  • Pedro C.
    04/08/2019 13:39

    and a lot more diseases. At least Lyme the tick takes up to 48h to pass it to you. If you check yourself and remove the tick at the end of the day you should be safe. All the others you can't. (for some there are vaccines)

  • Isabelle F.
    04/08/2019 11:37

    So, so true! Our daughter has been sick for the last 10 years... Lyme is at bay but the side effect are not!!!

  • Georgios H.
    04/08/2019 10:12

    Fin kompis dotter!!!!!!!!

  • Anette A.
    04/08/2019 10:08

    Din kompis . 😂😂

  • Dudz C.
    04/08/2019 04:14


  • Abrar H.
    04/08/2019 01:59

    Yes.in some hot countries disease kango spread with tick.because it also eat blood of humen beings.😞

  • Ahmad H.
    04/07/2019 19:35

    In our desi term, these are known as "Chichar", am I right?

  • Mike C.
    04/07/2019 18:15

    ...post on our fb page?

  • Natasha N.
    04/07/2019 16:59

    In sweden we have TBE vaccinations.

  • Dan P.
    04/07/2019 16:50

    Check your beds kids

  • Lisa B.
    04/07/2019 16:09

    They are gross digusting pests..saw a pic of a tick nest and when I find one it's going bye bye!!

  • Inayat U.
    04/07/2019 15:44

    Muhammad Wasif Khan

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