She Proves That Talent Comes in Every Size

She was body shamed into quitting ballet, but she came back with a vengeance to show that talent comes in every size.

10/30/2018 9:01 PM


  • katerin joa
    05/11/2020 16:25

    i don't know what to say

  • katerin joa
    05/11/2020 16:24


  • Raider L.
    12/20/2019 19:30

    I think she look gorgeous, good for though!

  • Kathryn W.
    12/19/2019 10:36

    My daughter is 11 and LOVES to watch people dancing and performing. When I ask her if she would like to do that, she says, “noooo. My tummy is too big”. I wish the world would be FLOODED with women and men of EVERY size dancing and doing what they love so I can show her that she CAN do it😭😍 Edit to add: Wish they would post a link to any social media this lady has. I would love to follow her.

  • Intoy A.
    12/19/2019 09:20

    Go girl!!!

  • Peter R.
    12/19/2019 04:24

    It's really sad to see "plus size" women not feeling accepted. Many men find them beautiful and preferable to society's norm.

  • Justin M.
    12/19/2019 04:23

    You don't need to be shamed people are haters and have to hate on something you look fabulous and dance great stay proud

  • Poonam S.
    12/19/2019 04:20

    Beautiful dancer

  • Jeff B.
    12/19/2019 04:13


  • Teresa P.
    12/19/2019 03:26

    Amazing dancer! So amazing! Keep on dancing! You rock!

  • Sandra S.
    12/19/2019 02:48

    Beautiful Lady 💖God Bless

  • Joan S.
    12/19/2019 00:23

    Life is not fair! But you dance until you can dance no more, Honey.

  • Jay D.
    12/18/2019 22:58

    Where's her black boyfriend?

  • Benjamin C.
    12/18/2019 21:38

    You are so sexy....I wish I can have a *** with you

  • Saeid A.
    12/18/2019 20:36


  • Julio J.
    12/18/2019 18:12

    “I have fat and I have muscles” that’s OKAY girl YOURE DOING THOUGH

  • Maria S.
    12/18/2019 17:50

    Beautiful woman and great dancer! ❤️

  • Aya R.
    12/18/2019 15:55

    38kg to 58kg weight limit? That is really little

  • El S.
    12/18/2019 15:52

    Smashing looking girl

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