What is ethological equitation?

'It's we who have entered the equine world and not the other way around, so it's incumbent upon us to learn about it' Better understanding horses and creating a trusting relationship with them: this is what 'ethological equitation' is all about. And this French stud farm has made it a priority.

09/19/2018 7:11 AM
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  • Alejandra R.
    12/12/2019 16:48

    I think riding horses to develope a mutual relationship with them is harmless to the horses. It becomes abusive when horses are utilized for profit or to force them to perform unnatural acts.

  • Naimah M.
    12/12/2019 13:11

    It's about time we focus on horse riding too, not just elephant riding or camel riding.

  • Krystal C.
    12/12/2019 01:51

    I love a human on my back. SAID NO HORSE EVER

  • Fran C.
    12/10/2019 18:06

    bitte weiter geben👍

  • Ali O.
    12/10/2019 11:46

    At the time when we Asians knew how to create bond with animals, and teaching animals or domisticated animals, French people were one of the animals. lol 😂

  • Ezequiel G.
    12/09/2019 20:41

    "TRUST" me horse, I will be good to you. Ok now, you will allow me to put all this s**t on your head and back, you will carry me on your back and do everything I want during the rest of your whole life. Let's end animal oppression.

  • Marieke G.
    03/03/2019 20:42

    kun je vragen of knoet wil stoppen met bokken🤣

  • Christi K.
    03/03/2019 17:33

    Aka natural horsemanship. It's been done for a while now

  • Raymond S.
    03/03/2019 08:22

    bien fait, mon amie

  • Dina C.
    03/03/2019 06:06

    interesting video

  • Paul S.
    03/03/2019 02:23

    Great article. They’re animals in servitude, any way you slice it.

  • Giselle J.
    03/03/2019 00:05

    There’re beautiful 💜💜💜

  • Becca S.
    03/02/2019 23:50

    Unfortunately, the advent of saddle pressure testing pads has shown the pain and damage riding horses does to their backs (muscles, blood vessels, skeletal system). (I used to own and ride horses, and yes, the irony of my profile pic...) Then, there's also this:

  • Christine D.
    03/02/2019 19:15

    Oui je connais 😃

  • Marie L.
    03/02/2019 19:12


  • Arnoldo C.
    12/28/2018 01:28

    No entendí nada..jajaja

  • Nosa F.
    12/27/2018 19:04


  • New Q.
    12/27/2018 18:02

    Very good friend

  • Sam M.
    12/26/2018 17:33

    Ils et très beau j'adore

  • Kailash C.
    12/26/2018 08:29

    V nice