Copenhagen named "Green Capital of Europe"

Cycle superhighways, connected bins and smart traffic lights: Copenhagen is making every effort to go carbon neutral.

03/24/2018 3:01 PM


  • Elaine P.
    08/02/2018 05:45

    We have a way to go, but NorCal is working on it. Bravo Denmark!

  • Rod M.
    07/22/2018 22:20

    That’s what happens when the people of a country decide to do something positive and move forward. Meanwhile the English are spending their time and resources in committing suicide by Brexit.

  • Diana N.
    07/22/2018 14:59

    2025? 2020 looks very probable!! But the Danes don't want to come off as vainglorious. They also have insanely healthful food, and plenty of supervised physical activities for youngsters. It all works together.

  • Jude E.
    07/21/2018 19:29

    <3 Denmark🇩🇰️🇨🇦️🇩🇰️

  • Xavier N.
    07/19/2018 07:07

    Next stop the slaughtering of whales and dolphins in the Faroes islands, then you will have total respect . Thanks

  • Mariapillai M.
    07/18/2018 10:53

    We salute to Danish govt. And the people who time to time decide to select the correct leaders. Green capital and green country of the world. We know only about the folk story of the dolphin of Denmark shores. Now have come to know many pioneering and great performance of the country. Will our leaders, decision makers and Planners consider the strategies of Denmark.

  • Carl C.
    07/18/2018 02:10

    But how can the city be so nice and the people so happy when all those great coal jobs are gone?

  • Ralph C.
    07/17/2018 15:34

    bakla miss kona to man!! Balik tayo minsan pag yumaman na.

  • Zuza S.
    07/17/2018 11:05

    Maria Samuel :)

  • Sharma K.
    07/17/2018 04:55

    Amazing....dire need today to go green to preserve Earth

  • Ahmed S.
    07/17/2018 02:58

    We can learn something from them

  • Jackie M.
    07/17/2018 02:01

    Denmark...pony up your entire 2% of your GDP to NATO. You are not paying your fair share.

  • Colleen V.
    07/16/2018 19:32


  • Claude A.
    07/16/2018 19:22

    Wow! Canada is SO far behind ! It’s embarrassing

  • Balal M.
    07/16/2018 18:38

    Yes we need clean energy to protect against pollutions around the world thanks for Denis government and its peoples survival skills which is unforgettable experience for whole world thanks for sharing this message

  • Leo L.
    04/10/2018 20:03

    je veux un reportage détaillé svp

  • Pierre L.
    04/10/2018 19:25

    on y reste plus que 2 jours..? :)

  • Edoardo A.
    04/10/2018 09:01

    let’s go

  • Wesley W.
    04/10/2018 08:36


  • Roxane Z.
    04/10/2018 07:11


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