1. How cacti survive in the desert

  2. The okapi was one of the last large mammals discovered

  3. Discovering the Tra Su Forest

  4. Some bacterias are essential to our well-being

  5. Meet the sea robin, a fish with legs and "wings"

  6. DIY: 4 eco-friendly products to clean your home

  7. 3 strange life forms

  8. This is an environmental success story

  9. These fish undergo a complete metamorphosis

  10. Road trip across New Zealand

  11. The female centipede protects her offspring for several weeks

  12. The Atacama, the oldest desert in the world

  13. How tarantulas shed their skin

  14. #TBT: a vegan family back in 1976

  15. China: These humans are doing the work of bees

  16. Austria's magical Green Lake disappears in winter

  17. Why house cats with white fur are often deaf

  18. The story of Nauru, the "country that ate itself"

  19. 3 substitutes for eggs

  20. The gaur is the largest wild bovid in the world

  21. Tarn Gorge, one of the biggest gorges in all of Europe

  22. How to go grow vegetables with leftovers

  23. The blackbuck is one of the fastest mammals in the world

  24. This is what happens to used contact lenses

  25. Are corals resistant to climate change?

  26. China: Yellow Dragon Valley's exceptional landscape

  27. What would happen to Earth if humans suddenly disappeared ?

  28. This park in Croatia is a natural wonder

  29. The impact of cigarettes on the environment

  30. What to do if you encounter a jellyfish

  31. Veggie burgers for meat eaters, Beyond Meat's success story

  32. How to regenerate oceans in 30 years time

  33. The Portuguese man o'war: a colony of thousands of animals

  34. The story of Félicette, the first cat that flew to space

  35. The Inca trail leads to an iconic place

  36. 6 breathtaking spots to pitch your tent

  37. How do giraffes fight?

  38. In Turkmenistan, this crater has been burning non-stop since 1971

  39. The clouded leopard, a tree-dweling feline

  40. #TBT: The Great Emu War

  41. Blue is not a common color in nature

  42. 3 innovative urban greening initiatives

  43. Why this rare octopod balloons itself

  44. These fascinating snowy formations could disappear

  45. The close relationship between fungi and trees

  46. This French hiking trail is one of the longest in Europe

  47. Why the dodo went extinct

  48. The Nā Pali coast offers breathtaking landscapes

  49. The wolverine is the most ferocious animal of the Far North

  50. How do frigatebirds find their mates?

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