Avocado toast or a home?

Stop buying avocado toast or you'll never own a house: an Australian millionaire's theory on why millennials won't become landlords.

05/16/2017 4:35 PM
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  • Brian B.
    05/16/2017 22:09

    So this assumes A: that the financial problems of young people are spending excess and not systemic debt or lack of opportunity. B: that there are 250K homes where you live, and C: that over the next 24 years there will be a 0% inflation rate in either the capital or housing markets... Being thrifty is wise, but proposing that economic realities can be ignored because some people can afford a 20$ lunch is dishonest. It's the same fundamental and dishonest argument as "if you only didn't have cell phone service then you could afford comprehensive health care."

  • Immanuel P.
    05/16/2017 22:31

    You mean he got a handout? Get him out of here

  • Noelle G.
    05/16/2017 22:54

    This is insanely condescending.

  • Ian B.
    05/16/2017 23:20

    WHO IS BUYING ALL THE DAMN AVOCADO TOAST AND COFFEE? 🥑☕️ Also, that's a thing? Sounds delicious. Imma go out right now and buy me some $40 avocado toast. lol But seriously, the only people who could afford to actually buy that and not work, like he said, are people who's parents probably already buy them everything.

  • Keisha K.
    05/16/2017 23:31

    Who the fuck is paying 19$ for avocado toast

  • Chance C.
    05/16/2017 23:33

    "And how many actual friends do you have?" "........"

  • Zack J.
    05/16/2017 23:37

    This punk sounds like trump. Oh i worked so hard with my small loan 34,000 to start my business at 19?! Who the fuck gives a 19 $34,000?? Probably comes from a rich family if thats the case.

  • Sergio P.
    05/16/2017 23:48

    I hate how people who have been given 💰 by family say they " earned it" and did it all on their own.

  • Jacob W.
    05/16/2017 23:55

    Wtf lol

  • Sarah R.
    05/16/2017 23:57


  • Naomi A.
    05/17/2017 00:05

    This post makes me physically ill. Apperently i spend to much money on coffee and avacado toast (in reality after rent and bills i live on the cheapest ramen i can find). I spend to much money not dying of starvation to buy a house, thats it im so awful.

  • Stephanie S.
    05/17/2017 00:10

    Sounds like a trump

  • Noel S.
    05/17/2017 00:22

  • Jesse M.
    05/17/2017 00:25

    They should have opened with the $34000 loan/gift so I wouldn't have wasted my time watching

  • Tony G.
    05/17/2017 00:26

    Love the self made man from a loan from his father...pathetic!give some advice when you do it all on your own.

  • Dale D.
    05/17/2017 00:35

    Wow is his last name Trump?

  • Michael T.
    05/17/2017 00:39

    So this is what "white privilege" looks like 😂😂

  • Christian N.
    05/17/2017 00:50

    Homeownership is overrated.

  • Harry H.
    05/17/2017 01:13

    To be fair that $34k was for avocado toast

  • James K.
    05/17/2017 01:14

    Someone should kill that guy and redistribute his wealth.