• Joy M.
    06/23/2019 20:49

    Restaurants and farmers love these people because they don’t have to pay them shit🙄🙄🙄

  • Israel C.
    04/10/2017 05:45

    Ohh yeah but our Parents came here legally blag blah blah.....(every stupid guy")

  • Michael W.
    04/10/2017 04:39

    When all the handouts and hand ups in this country are given to only those of recent immigration, of course all this is true, your government you were born to don't like you, only those they can manipulate for votes for more free shit, the US is a joke

  • Elvis P.
    04/10/2017 04:06

    I was born here...

  • Chuco V.
    04/10/2017 03:30

    Avril Lina

  • Miguel Z.
    04/10/2017 02:21


  • Christopher F.
    04/10/2017 02:12

    I didn't even like her when she talked about humorous subjects.

  • Alton N.
    04/10/2017 01:57

    We don't like illegal immigrants not the legal ones

  • Erica O.
    04/10/2017 00:32

    I love the guy at the end

  • Angel G.
    04/09/2017 23:58

    no its true everyone is an immigrant if you wanna get real the only people who belong here are native americans so lets really talk about everyone else that came here took the little boats over here. all you white people talking hot got ancestors that was in europe. so if you feel a type a way about immagrants then you need to get tf out

  • Austin Z.
    04/09/2017 21:16

    To answer her first question : I'm not an immigrant and neither are a lot of people living in the us

  • Mari L.
    04/09/2017 20:38


  • Adrian M.
    04/09/2017 19:41

    Skooby Coverboy

  • Yusri A.
    04/09/2017 17:56

    Durgham Alyasiri

  • Jason G.
    04/09/2017 17:09

    I cant even go to australia but we let anyone in here?

  • Romario H.
    04/09/2017 16:57

    "If you wanna get rid of illegal immigrants, quit eating."

  • Tianna G.
    04/09/2017 15:54

    All these use of immigrants and illegals how about we change Americans to just HUMANS and we as HUMANS help other HUMANS out because we are all HUMAN

  • Claire D.
    04/09/2017 15:19

    Open the borders I love to eat but can't take care of a cactus let alone crop!!!!!! ,✊✌�yn rights#weareonerace#humanrace

  • Bailey R.
    04/09/2017 13:52

    I like to eat. People are people. And we are Ameeica. Land of the free and home of the brave we were talking about people who left their homes and lives behind to come here for a chance at something better.

  • Jamie T.
    04/09/2017 12:49

    Immigrants of the past and of today are 2 different people.

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