Lingerie brand promotes women's bodies

For years, lingerie was worn by women but made for men. Adore Me decided to change that. The key? Stop selling perfection. Sell all styles, all shapes and all sizes... This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

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10/05/2020 6:00 PM


  • Sarah B.
    7 hours

    for me, i wear wide strap, full coverage, granny couture. i wear lingerie for men.

  • Hope M.
    19 hours

    It’s weird that people think this was a “male focus” thing, and totally forget that there were/are women who absolutely loved the glamorous look and feel of these ads and fashion shows. When I saw them as a young girl, I didn’t think “oh, I wonder what men think of this.” I looked at the ads and thought “I want to be as beautiful, confident in myself, and as glamorous as her one day!” It was about feeling powerful on my own, not for a man. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Ahriahnna R.
    a day

    No body type should be held up over another, that's the problem. Yes being obese is unhealthy, but its that person's business not yours. Everyone should be entitled to love themselves

  • Monique E.
    2 days

    Did she fall in a vat of highlighter? 🙈y

  • Mary H.
    2 days

    Bless them for trying. Wish their cup sizes went higher than "G".

  • Sarah O.
    3 days

    What about like sexy bras with no underwire? I can't stand it cuz it digs into the boob

  • T.L. R.
    3 days

    All of these models are beautiful omfg 😍🤤

  • Rebekah P.
    3 days

    Yeah except they still dont carry a big enough size for me

  • Bethany C.
    3 days

    If we're no longer trying to impress men why are we still wearing bras at all? C cup and below only needs to for sports, the rest is vanity and fear of not conforming.

  • Paige M.
    3 days

    Yeah no... I only wear it for my partner, lingerie is uncomfortable

  • Alexandria B.
    4 days

    Well what about women who are born skinny ? All you did was turn the tables , none of it is equality. Now it's just skinny shame and curvy praise, what about people who stuff themselves until they get sick and still cant gain any weight? What about a 34B yet a large butt? And I like pretty sparkly lingerie with frilly lace and bright colors, wearing nude colors makes me feel like a granny , how about some pretty flamboyant and adorable lingerie for women of all sizes instead of granny lingerie! How about bras for women with spacing issues like a plunge front corset lace bra, not everyone has perfectly centered breasts!Give me something new ! What about a cute plaid bra with white lace ruffle, or something comfy with neon splatter designs....I wouldnt feel confident in some drab boring wine colored bra with no pretty designs on it...why cant comfy and fashionable be a thing ? Dont you dare call that daisy bra fashion, I cant tell what is breast and what is bra 🤦🏼‍♀️it just blends in! This whole video " slim oversexualized models and perfect body type blah blah blah how horrible it is to be skinny !" How about " lingerie to fit you, no matter what your body type is! Categories shouldnt define how you feel in your own body, whether you are plus sized or size zero , be yourself!" Because lingerie has become boring at this point... it sort of always has been because its so hard to find something " off the wall"

  • Jessica C.
    5 days

    Go back to the way it was 🙄

  • Rachel R.
    5 days

    Who else tho saw the thicker woman and went 😍

  • Myriah C.
    6 days

    Why would anyone trying to redefine how women feel about themselves and loving our unique bodies have Brut in their name? An insult and derogatory term us "non-model-like" women get called. How is this real? Wtf are they thinking. It's like making plus size lingerie and branding it "Faaat" .....🤦‍♀️

  • Rose H.
    6 days

    My body is perfect. 😎

  • Jessica R.
    6 days

    Yay! Women who have similar body types as me!

  • Rachel A.
    6 days

    It would be nice to own a bra or panties,I havent had either in years

  • Shayla E.
    10/15/2020 22:39

    Places that make stuff like bras and undergarments should have undergarments that work for people with disabilities people with bad backs or people who can't dress themselves without difficulty for me are usually have to wear undergarments without wires or some such because of my spinal injury I can't wear things that force my back straight because it hurts too much it's really difficult to find things that are relaxing and comfortable without causing myself pain

  • Stephanie S.
    10/15/2020 16:56

    i'm glad this underwear phase is over. it's simply something we should wear (or not). Not this fantasy sexual crap.

  • Emily H.
    10/15/2020 04:44

    I can't imagine that Daisy set making anyone feel sexy and confident.

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