Made in America week

Donald Trump unveiled the "Made in America" week. But these Trump products are not. 🇺🇸

07/17/2017 7:00 PM
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  • Bernie F.
    07/17/2017 19:07


  • Patricia O.
    07/17/2017 19:10

    No one in the trump regime manufactures in America

  • Denise G.
    07/17/2017 19:16


  • Misty F.
    07/17/2017 19:17

    Like his wife?

  • Alicia T.
    07/17/2017 19:20 is Made in America 😁

  • Luis D.
    07/17/2017 19:34

    Why is the simple truth not so simple? It is fake news!

  • Steven P.
    07/17/2017 19:39

    Made in America... excerpt for the trumps own merchandise... smh 😑

  • Henry S.
    07/17/2017 19:40

    Trump as unamerican as all hell.

  • Pancho O.
    07/17/2017 19:41

    Here come the Trumpanzees with excuses for him.....

  • Josue E.
    07/17/2017 19:43

    Bunch of Hippocrates!

  • Alek D.
    07/17/2017 19:48

    It's the rules for Donald Trump and then rules for the rest. His stuff is made in china but no Trump supporter wants to point out the hypocrisy.

  • Jenny D.
    07/17/2017 19:55

    More like made in China or Bangladesh or any other place your merchandise is made 😡hypocrite 😤

  • Ivan I.
    07/17/2017 19:55

    Thanks to this idiotic president, America is the laughing stock around the world, he doesn't apply what he preaches, how can anybody fall for that bullshit...

  • Sal T.
    07/17/2017 19:59

    Everyone else do it, except me (Trump )

  • Brian S.
    07/17/2017 20:11

    You people just hate life it seems. Im proud that our President is doing this. Ill wait for all the butthurt people.

  • Miles R.
    07/17/2017 20:25

    Dude really? He's trying wtf. He went from business owner trying to make as much money as possible like ANY OF YOU WOULD DO, to becoming president and trying to roll back on outsourcing. He has said from the start he planned to bring jobs back to America and now that he is you find ANY reason to bash him for it? Y'all are dumb af, I'll take a job if you won't. Idiots.

  • Corey W.
    07/17/2017 20:31

    Promotes "Made In America Week", outsources thousands of products to offset cost robbing American's of jobs. It is quite laughable the dishonesty and borders on the ridiculous. The hypocrisy is cringe worthy. Though distasteful, even his wife is not American. 😏

  • Margie C.
    07/17/2017 20:36

    Can you at least understand that his products were already made and distributed before he was President

  • James S.
    07/17/2017 20:39

    He always speak before he thinks.. He's a special child!

  • Tarantula S.
    07/17/2017 20:48

    This just in, brut doesnt know how branding your name works. Companies pay you to use your name.