• Monday Lee
    09/03/2020 05:16

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  • Hailey J.
    07/20/2017 02:15

    I almost threw up watching this video

  • David R.
    07/19/2017 16:49


  • Nicholas I.
    07/19/2017 12:29

    The best way to lead is by example. Otherwise you just look like a fucking hypocrite

  • Orlando A.
    07/19/2017 07:38


  • Jesse M.
    07/19/2017 07:13

    They say all presidents age a lot through their term, how much older can he get? Lol.

  • Michael W.
    07/19/2017 06:03


  • Damian R.
    07/19/2017 05:59

    Lord have mercy why do you think he's trying to fix that

  • Joshua R.
    07/19/2017 05:54

    I bet trump breaths international air too when he goes on vacation... disgusting!

  • Alex F.
    07/19/2017 05:27

    Damn snowflake channel with your FACTS, and research, and, and, and FACTS...

  • Jacob O.
    07/19/2017 04:59

    Ok so he is trying to change it. More than what obama did

  • Chris K.
    07/19/2017 04:36


  • Faye S.
    07/19/2017 04:12

    Do what I say, not what I do children!

  • Garrett T.
    07/19/2017 04:05


  • Julie D.
    07/19/2017 04:00


  • Michael H.
    07/19/2017 03:28

    I love what Matt said about Americans working for slave wages. Many Americans already do work for slave wages when you consider the cost of living expenses. Many of those same people who choose to work would in all actuality make more of a profit being on welfare. This is what the United States has been reduced to. A person who works makes less then someone on welfare. That is disgusting

  • Diego V.
    07/19/2017 03:27

    America is a continent.........................................:.......................................................................................................

  • Leonel Q.
    07/19/2017 03:14

    Haha I can't believe people still support this joke 😂

  • Jennie N.
    07/19/2017 03:13

    Billion and billions and billions of things

  • Michael A.
    07/19/2017 02:28

    because this is the most important thing that's happening in the world today... not the cease fire in Syria or the shootings happening in Chicago

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