Mark Zuckerberg for a new social contract

"Our generation is going to deal with tens of million of jobs replaced by automation." Mark Zuckerberg strong plea for a new social contract.

05/29/2017 1:21 PM
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  • Dizy M.
    05/29/2017 14:41

    I want you to become a president

  • Michael T.
    05/29/2017 14:51

    Don't you just love it when billionaires talk about how other billionaires should spend their money? 😂😂 I don't see you lining people up to give them free money. Just another out of touch liberal idiot.

  • Scott C.
    05/29/2017 15:26

    Universal base income? So communism

  • Shane H.
    05/29/2017 15:30

    "I think I'm gonna be rich some day so I don't wanna do anything to the rich while I wait for my ticket."

  • Jeremy D.
    05/29/2017 15:36

    We're gonna have to change up the way society operates or else it's just gonna be poor people, robots, and the super rich. We used to tax the rich in ways that made it harder for them to amass huge wealth without paying a huge chunk to the government. This gave them the incentive to invest back in their own businesses at a lower tax rate. We don't do this anymore so the rich just hoard all that money. Is it illegal? No, but it's certainly not helping the economy either. Now the rich are threatening to get rid of minimum wage jobs and replace them with automation. The only step after that is everyone learning how to fix machines and machines don't break down as often as people think they do. Something is going to have to change if we want to continue to have a middle class in this country. Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps only works if you can afford bootstraps in the first place. Just my $0.02.

  • Jackie C.
    05/29/2017 15:40

    ayy this is cool. Thought you'd appreciate.

  • Geri K.
    05/29/2017 16:10

    F*$king Goof

  • Logan F.
    05/29/2017 16:17

    Give me the zucc

  • Peter N.
    05/29/2017 16:19

    Taylor Anne Donoughe

  • Matt H.
    05/29/2017 16:26

    this sounds like our conversation last week.

  • Angel R.
    05/29/2017 16:26

    Any one see the lady in the back falling asleep😂

  • Noah W.
    05/29/2017 16:27

    And people are gonna attack him and not watch the full video or do any research on him when he donates millions working on billions to help others

  • Todd L.
    05/29/2017 16:32

    Zuckerberg for president

  • Sean M.
    05/29/2017 16:32

    It should no longer be a society where the wealthy elite control the majority of the nation's wealth. Even Mark Zuckerberg is sick and tired of it. We need a society that puts education first instead of War profits.

  • James H.
    05/29/2017 16:40

    We need to change leadership in the white house and in congress period! We cant continue to rely on a system that never really worked for its people the same ole bussiness as usual need to stop thats why i voted for mr sanders because his direction was new and refreash

  • Λεωνίδας Φ.
    05/29/2017 16:43

    Is he giving up that Hawaiian land he took off the natives and then sequestered it?

  • Matthew G.
    05/29/2017 16:45

    This is communism....doesnt work

  • Matthew G.
    05/29/2017 16:45


  • Brandon F.
    05/29/2017 16:47

    the last 5 seconds

  • Mike J.
    05/29/2017 16:47

    so global socialism, and you think it's a good thing.... smh. sounds good til we're all equally poor.