• Teddy V.
    07/19/2017 16:59

    Hey we're from those 4 states :)

  • Alex C.
    07/19/2017 15:13

    College is pointless. Not worth it unless it's free

  • Dylan L.
    07/19/2017 13:43

    Aw miss him 😂r

  • Matt K.
    07/19/2017 12:52

    This is not a new theory... you go to college you pay for it... I'm fucking tired of people whining about shit that has always been this way. Don't wanna pay? Don't go to college.

  • Yousef M.
    07/19/2017 04:51

    Walayah Al-Ghazaly

  • Jaedan A.
    07/19/2017 04:24


  • Tj S.
    07/19/2017 04:13

    STEM & Financial Discipline.đŸ€”

  • Eron N.
    07/19/2017 03:25

    Dummies, should've gone to a country with free college 😝

  • Judith O.
    07/19/2017 03:08

    I am so glad I dropped out of college when I was only 2k in debt. Worked at an OK job and now semi retired debt free. The sad part is that so many never got good jobs and when they did rent ate it up. We import Indians for computer work, nurses and doctors from around the world. One can not file bankruptcy on a student loan. I hope they never find those papers.

  • Brett R.
    07/19/2017 02:17

    If you are stupid enough to take 400,000$ in student loans, the government shouldn't be paying for you education.

  • Tim F.
    07/19/2017 00:56

    I would have rather went 385k in debt buying a house, or Lamborghini.

  • Spencer C.
    07/18/2017 22:25

    If you wreck up $385,000 in student loans, you deserve it for being a fucking idiot

  • Cody C.
    07/18/2017 21:47

    Nate Westberg

  • Rebekah C.
    07/18/2017 21:42

    It isn't impossible to do without being in debt the rest of your life, I know several people personally who have escaped debt-free or close to it. However, 7 years of graduate school will definitely get you in a hole. Still not inescapable

  • Ninette L.
    07/18/2017 21:12

    I'm still going to college bc my mom is gonna pay for it anyways if parents would save before and after having a kid to send them to college there kids would have a easier life a couple hundred dollars a month is gonna stack up to what the kid needs for college when I start working after college I will save up even tho I don't have a kid just for the future

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