Self-Defense Jewelry Combines Safety & Style

Self-defense and style — she's bringing the two together with this design line of rings, cuffs, and necklaces that can help you feel safe. 👊 Special thanks to The Artemis Company.

10/15/2018 9:01 PM


  • Tanjia P.
    10/17/2019 12:40

    You can also hurt someone accidentally

  • PĂĄl C.
    10/15/2019 21:04

    "Haha" reactions? Excuse me?

  • Rowell T.
    10/15/2019 06:42

    Let them wear those spiked arm bands worn by black metal dudes and I'm sure no one would ever try to mess with them.

  • Mete M.
    10/14/2019 17:33

    It would be illegal to carry anything made or adopted to be used as weapon for defence or attack someone in UK. If you carry a CS Gas still considered as a weapon in UK. Ordering is also illegal. You may ask a fr... to order ... and if you are stopped by a police say you just found it not sure what it is and was on your way to take it yo the nearest police station. If you haven't got a criminal background you may get away with it. Don't carry them in high security areas such as airports. Anything is better than been raped. Good luck.

  • Brian P.
    10/14/2019 17:17

    Pepper spray and firearms are the best defensive option you have. Impact tools are last resort because that means the attacker is already on you. Distance is your friend

  • Marissa C.
    10/14/2019 16:36

    I love this. I also carry a taser in my makeup bag but I need something that's already on me because what if i cant get to my taser!?

  • Leo Z.
    10/14/2019 16:06

    😂😂😂😂 what a joke! Ladies who feel the need to defend themselves must train in martial arts.

  • Michael S.
    10/14/2019 15:58

    Lady's one of the strongest tools at your disposal is always being aware of your surroundings and listen to your gut. Stay safe out there

  • Art P.
    10/14/2019 14:59


  • Brut
    10/14/2019 14:11

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