What is the universal basic income

Mark Zuckerberg, other entrepreneurs and some countries are considering universal basic incomes for everyone, let's discuss!

06/01/2017 5:24 PM
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  • Jason C.
    06/01/2017 17:47

    A universal income would dilute the value of the dollar and would eventually not be worth as much.

  • Ricardo A.
    06/01/2017 17:51

    you see how they try to get you ?

  • Naomi C.
    06/01/2017 18:44

    Naomi Catching Also people would have more time to give back to their community in a rewarding volunteer capacity.

  • Ian S.
    06/01/2017 19:12

    Wow that's really fucking stupid. That will just take away people's motivation to improve their situation

  • CJ D.
    06/01/2017 19:26

    Idk about you, but I'd do some great things with my newfound security and freedom. Many people, like myself, would become entrepreneurs of their passions.. industries, politics/government, education, the world.. we all benefit from unlocking the people's potential currently hidden under hardship and often intentional oppression. All industries where rich people had an early advantage and shaped their industries to favor/reinforce mediocrity, would be challenged by people that are passionate about those things and have what it takes to do it right. UBI/universal-healthcare combined, would transform our greed driven world. The ruling elite benefit from keeping us enslaved.. Who would there be to fight socialist policies, if everyone understood that helping each other creates more success and a much better world? Who would be able to use their purchased political network to get bailouts every time they want to design a financial crash, or to write tax breaks into law for themselves at the cost of democracy, if suddenly their political networks were contested by real people with real passion for real change. What awful boss could continue being a despot to his/her employees, if they were no longer forced to bend over to survive. In this future, I see a happier and more effective world with far less suffering.

  • Ben M.
    06/01/2017 19:40

    We have it its called welfare and it just be another reason to tax small buisnesses more.

  • Matt C.
    06/01/2017 19:41

    Redistribution of people's money? Where's it come from? I work hard as hell for every penny don't take it from me

  • Tecler B.
    06/01/2017 19:49

    Who's ass are we going to pull this money out of? Right were gonna steal from other people with money

  • Chris R.
    06/01/2017 20:42

    of course it is the Billionaires who want to CAP other peoples incomes...

  • Matthew R.
    06/01/2017 20:45

    Easy to dream about when you're a billionaire. Thats not how the world works. Work hard. Dream big. Never give up.

  • Espencer C.
    06/01/2017 20:56

    Not for everyone, for those who qualify.

  • Nick W.
    06/01/2017 21:21

    Sure if Fuckerberg and other rich loudmouths want to pay the unemployed out of their own pocket they are more than welcome to I work my ass off sometimes 60 or 70 hours a week for my paychecks and I take pride in that If you have no motivation to learn a skill and have no sense of pride in hard work then please move to a socialist country where the government will take care of you and tell you when you can stand, sit, breathe and sleep

  • Timothy S.
    06/01/2017 21:31

    And where is all that money going to come from?

  • Luis A.
    06/01/2017 21:33

    This is what I hear in this video: "Universal basic income": they sustain me , they own me. "New social contract": new kind of social control. "Few jobs Robots Can't do better than humans": block humans from experiencing conciensness transcendence, making them believe robots are superior. They're not and will never be. Stay independent, Stay free!!... Wake up people!!

  • Leeanti S.
    06/01/2017 21:37 were right. his is gonna be pres

  • Adam S.
    06/01/2017 21:46

    Tax units of automation and use the gains to fund UBI. It is inevitable that we will see widespread unemployment due to the displacement​ of jobs by automation, in fact we already are seeing that. I know it's difficult to think about but we have to do something so people can continue to live when their jobs are displaced.

  • Christian G.
    06/01/2017 22:16

    What the.....universal income.....gtfo!!! Sounds like an incentive to be poor and rely on government

  • Paritosh K.
    06/01/2017 22:45

    I dont understand one thing ? If robots take human being's jobs than there will be no one in the world that can afford the services and goods provided by robots ( like cars , etc ) coz of not having an income , and since there will be few people who cam buy products and services I guess many businesses will be shut down and eventually economic destruction all over . For example , if there will be very few people who will be afford the self driving or automatic cars due to zero income than how these big companies going get operated?

  • Salvador T.
    06/01/2017 22:47

    New world prder

  • Jerry K.
    06/01/2017 22:53

    This video went over so many people's head.