1. "What do you bring to society?": Charlbi Dean and Harris Dickinson from "Triangle of Sadness"

  2. David Cronenberg and NFTs

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  3. The life of Kristen Stewart

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  4. The life of Kristen Stewart

  5. “Squid Game” star Lee Jung-jae tells Brut why Korean culture is so popular

  6. The story of Khaby Lame

  7. Forest Whitaker’s journey as an activist

  8. Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton on storytelling, loneliness and technoogy

  9. Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong speak about privilege and injustice at the Cannes Film Festival

  10. The life of Woody Harrelson

  11. “How did we get here?” Director James Gray’s powerful message at the Cannes Film Festival

  12. The making of the cult favorite game, "Spelling Bee"

  13. Documentary: Making consent sexy in porn

  14. A masterclass with Tom Cruise at Cannes

  15. The life of Tom Cruise

  16. Politics and the Cannes Film Festival

  17. The life of Bad Bunny

  18. Inside TikTok's viral #writtenbyaman trend

  19. Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard: Same incidents, different accounts

  20. The Life of Kendrick Lamar

  21. Kate Winslet reflects on her life

  22. Who is Ncuti Gatwa?

  23. Deepfakes, explained

  24. Adam Driver speaks to Brut

  25. Living with severe acne: Mattéa tells her story

  26. Matt Damon gets candid with Brut at the Cannes Film Festival

  27. When did body hair become seen as "unfeminine"?

  28. The life of Pete Davidson

  29. The story of Telfar Clemens

  30. Models on TikTok are saying, 'F--- the modeling industry.'

  31. The story behind TikTok’s Māori dance trend

  32. The surprising history of the mullet

  33. Top Feminist Moments at Cannes Film Festival

  34. Singing heavy metal in sign language

  35. My first viral video: TikTok's "Handpan Man"

  36. Welcome to Nun TikTok

  37. The story of Crocs

  38. The story of Coachella

  39. What would happen to Earth if humans suddenly disappeared ?

  40. Alec Baldwin gun incident: How weapons are handled on film sets

  41. The truth about Lizzo

  42. The theories behind the origin of "420"

  43. Michelle Carter and the texting suicide case

  44. Who is Quinta Brunson?

  45. Can these New Yorkers understand Gen Z slang?

  46. The truth about Sydney Sweeney

  47. Are you being love bombed? Here’s how to tell ...

  48. The women parodying "alpha male" podcasts

  49. Customer service nightmares on TikTok

  50. The story of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

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