#Muslimban : 5 celebrities that would’ve been affected

If Trump's travel ban had been in place earlier... We would never have known these 5 celebrities.

02/03/2017 1:25 PM
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  • Pheng L.
    02/03/2017 15:52

    Thats stupid. I already know who they are.

  • Terry F.
    02/03/2017 21:24

    As cajun's we are also imagrants from a war torn country, but we came in legally & didn't ask for a handout we settled on land in the swamps that no one else wanted

  • Jesse C.
    02/04/2017 10:54


  • Alexander B.
    02/04/2017 19:20

    It's 120 days, not permanent. So this video is bull shit.

  • Nick C.
    02/04/2017 19:20

    It's not a permanent ban it's for 90 days Jesus people

  • Sandra D.
    02/04/2017 20:35

    They were not radicalized either!

  • Gustavo B.
    02/04/2017 20:35

    The ban got dismantled already.

  • Orion C.
    02/04/2017 20:39

    This might be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. What the fucks your point ? Were those countries hotbeds for criminal and terrorist activity at those times ?? What do they matter, and fuck those people celebrities are just regular fucking people, the human race would have continued to survive even if they weren't famous or didn't exist. So none of them are important. Fuck celebrities, we don't NEED them 😂😂

  • Jeremy K.
    02/04/2017 21:21

    Yeah and if we had a president with balls for the last 8 years we might not need any ban

  • Mel W.
    02/04/2017 21:41

    3 out of 5 i could live without seeing and one i haven't seen or heard of... and only one ever did anything productive for the country i dont really know what this video is supposed to do but for me it has no meaning

  • Catherine T.
    02/04/2017 23:17

    Oh God what would we do without a model, a couple of actors and a pop star?! The only useful one was Steve and even if he hadn't come here it wouldn't be the end of the world. Everybody would just use androids or whatever would be the apple of today. 🙄

  • Jason L.
    02/05/2017 00:16

    *not a fan of the ban* 90 days woulda killed ALL of their parents? Doubtful.

  • Zack W.
    02/05/2017 00:56

    Non of these people matter

  • Daniel A.
    02/05/2017 02:26

    well well well i guess they were all from iran iraq syria libia and the other that are of the 7 countrys on the temporary immigration ban....quit spreading incomplete and manipulative information, this is the stuff that the people that voted trump in are tired of, democrats and republicans alike that are tired of this false, half ass reporting

  • Ruby L.
    02/05/2017 02:34

    And so it wasnt shut the hell up this isnt even a valid point

  • Brooke S.
    02/05/2017 02:37

    1. It's a temporary ban and 2. Obama had already planned to put the ban in place but then never did. If Obama did it everyone would be praising it saying he was a great president. Now that it's Trump I don't see why it's different.

  • Ryan K.
    02/05/2017 03:07

    sounds like we should of had this ban earlier.

  • Christopher W.
    02/05/2017 03:34

    More liberal garbage trying to divide the county and add hate to a president that has done more good for this country in the short time he has been in office than the last 3 presidents did over all of their terms.

  • Fleur N.
    02/05/2017 03:37

    And we wouldn't have to deal with him too. Cause he's mom was an illegal immigrant too.

  • Justin D.
    02/05/2017 03:50

    Steve jobs wasn't even that great.... he was a salesperson , but thanks for the phones