5 Stories You Might Not Know About “Friends”

Are you a diehard "Friends" fan? Even you may not know these five facts about the show. 👏👏👏👏

5 stories you didn’t know about Friends.

Matt LeBlanc was as broke as Joey - Before getting hired for the role of Joey, Matt LeBlanc had experienced, just like his character, severe financial problems. He said he only had $11 left in his bank account. Then everything changed. The 6 actors earned $22,000 dollars per episode at the start of the show. 10 years and 236 episodes later, they received $1 million per episode. Even now, they earn about $20 million per year thanks to the TV show reruns.

Phoebe’s pregnancy - In 1997, at the start of season 4, Lisa Kudrow announces that she was pregnant. To avoid hiding her belly, the creators decided to include her pregnancy in the show. Phoebe became the surrogate for her brother’s triplets.

Monica and Chandler: a one-night stand - Originally, the story between Monica and Chandler was supposed to stay a one-night stand. But facing the public enthusiasm, the creators of the show decided to pursue their relationship.

Rachel should’ve been Monica - Even though Jennifer Aniston was cast in the role of Rachel and Courtney Cox the role of Monica, the two actresses had initially auditioned to play the other role. 25 years after the show started, the two actresses are still friends and Aniston is godmother to Cox’s daughter.

New York in Los Angeles - The majority of the show was shot, not in New York, where the action took pace, but in a studio in Los Angeles and in front of a real audience.

Over the summer, there was also some buzz that a Friends reunion could happen. Friends is leaving Netflix in 2020. Be sure to stream your favorite episodes while they're still available on the site. Friends: the complete series - Available at Warner Home Entertainment.