• Zoe M.
    05/17/2017 23:06

    As a former model. There is no law, no regulation nor anyone "checking medical records." It's an industry that steals millions of dollars from starving young women. I've fought for my money at times and have been told by a Milan agency " yes we are taking your money.." then reluctantly apologized to by one person and screamed at by another.

  • Faydra L.
    05/17/2017 07:35

    No unhealthy models right? So I hope this applies to obese models too since that includes a type of eating disorder.

  • Lemi Z.
    05/17/2017 06:31

    People seem to be forgetting that anorexia and the like are mental disorders, usually caused by a traumatic event or are possible symptoms of other underlying disorders. Making fun of or comparing how "beautiful" and "not corpse-like" or whatever you find yourself to people who have a disorder is ignorant, tone-deaf, and pretty rude/sad. I'm happy that there's a new law in place like this that will stop not only companies from having and PUSHING HARD these unrealistic body weight standards onto their models ("if you don't weigh x amount by friday, you lose your job" etc. Back in the old playboy bunny clubs -not sure if it has changed-, you had to weigh in every night before you started your shift and if you went over a certain weight, you were not to work that night or until you got your weight "under control", didnt even matter if you were on your cycle and it was just water weight, didnt matter at all.) but will also stop the exploitation of models who, sadly, already have eating disorders.

  • Teresa A.
    05/17/2017 00:56


  • Cheyanne K.
    05/16/2017 13:37

    It's not okay to be dangerously thin or big. It's okay to love yourself but you cannot deny your health. And before anyone gets butthurt, I'm not a skinny woman. I can admit I can be much healthier than I could be. Doesn't mean I have to be skinny to be healthy either, but doesn't mean I should continue to not take care of myself because I think I'm beautiful no matter what.

  • Brandy B.
    05/15/2017 20:29

    I received a catalogue for plus sized women in the mail a few months ago and showed it to my husband . I said " See , even the mail knows I'm gaining weight!" He said " How do you know this is for plus size women?" I said " Duh, it's full of plus sized models ." He shook his head confused and said " Well in that case every women I've ever dated was plus size. I don't see anything wrong with any of these women. They are all beautiful ." The fashion industry has been lying to women for decades about what it means to be beautiful and what heterosexual males find attractive.

  • Javier P.
    05/15/2017 17:41

    dont care for skin and bones and the modeling business is terrible for women........its ok for women to have meat on their bones or be over weight now, but why doesn't the modeling business advertise in chunky guys?....and where are all the "plus size" guy model adds lol? i dont see famous actress's or victoria secret models dating fat guys or "plus" size guys either....or in advertisements either....its ok for woman to be over weight now a days but gross the other way around for men lol...........if a woman can look sexy if shes a bit overweight everyone is fine with it and so am I, if a guys is overweight a bit, he's a disgusting slob...lol

  • Cody R.
    05/15/2017 17:19

    The only issue becomes, "what is unhealthily thin"? Will likely be for the courts to settle.

  • Nicole C.
    05/15/2017 15:14

    Shut up Karl Lagerfeld. What do you know.

  • Joannah P.
    05/15/2017 04:17

    What do you think about this?

  • Ashley M.
    05/15/2017 03:13

    Is it fashionable to look like The Crypt Keeper Karl? That's who you look like. I'd rather be fat and look alive than look like a dead rotting corps like yourself. Lol

  • Amelia T.
    05/15/2017 00:41

    Karl lagerfeld. Meh

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