Abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson: What we know

⚠️ Distressing content ⚠️ Marilyn Manson has been accused of horrific acts of sexual abuse and violence over a span of 15 years. As a new documentary tells the stories of survivors, here’s a timeline of the allegations made against the controversial singer …

03/18/2022 1:04 PMupdated: 03/18/2022 1:04 PM


  • Michele C.
    04/03/2022 04:50

    Why hasn’t this case moved forward at all? He should be in jail awaiting trial.

  • Deanna J.
    03/25/2022 12:34

    Crazy is crazy ,stay away abc

  • Deanna J.
    03/25/2022 12:32

    He gave no clue ,at first ,gee ,bennifit of the dought gee ,

  • Jelena V.
    03/24/2022 22:42

    Yeah, when they saw Evan naming Manson as her abuser all the other women suddenly remembered he was theirs too.. in the same day xd

  • Nikolai B.
    03/24/2022 09:13

    Like isn't any turned on by these? I wish he wound bite me and threaten me with an ax 😝

  • Nichola M.
    03/23/2022 15:56

    He should be in jail for a LONG TIME

  • Andrea S.
    03/22/2022 12:51

    He’s gross and everything he stands for. It’s disguised as art. But it’s vile.

  • Tony E.
    03/20/2022 14:06

    Why are people attracted to those with personality disorders? An interesting question.

  • Houda B.
    03/19/2022 18:09

    Yban mich ghi yrapi yban yakol l3bad. lokan nchoufo B3id 3liya 3km nbada njri. How on earth they date him tchoufo tbghi tt9aya. 😂

  • Olivia D.
    03/19/2022 12:57

    He sounds obsessed with (1975) the Rocky horror picture show movie. With Tim currey.

  • Jesse O.
    03/19/2022 09:44

    Id like to challenge this freak to a one on one in a good old fashion bare knuckles fight.

  • Patrick A.
    03/19/2022 04:41

    ok, but my question why all you were with him? money? :)

  • Nohelia R.
    03/19/2022 04:11

    Birthday Gifts for Mom

  • Rikki E.
    03/19/2022 03:08

    She’s actually been caught lying and impersonating FBI during this case. Funny this video didn’t mention that 🧐

  • Amanda J.
    03/19/2022 01:42

    Soooo he was such a horrible person and did horrendous things to you BUT you stayed, tolerated more and waited years to say anything about it......

  • Amanda L.
    03/19/2022 01:39

    He never did anything to Dita. Rose McGowan also disagreed I believe. He's never been charged with a single thing. Just sued as a cash grab... Literally look it up instead of just believing one side. He is not his persona. Dita is still great friends with him after years and years of marriage and the divorce was peaceful. You can't consent and stay with someone for years like Evan and Esme did then turn around and change your mind and sue. It doesn't work like that.

  • Amy S.
    03/19/2022 01:20

    If you haven’t been in this position, don’t judge. I thought I was the “run to” mom. Then my day came and I’m lucky I got out alive. I recanted the story to one of my patients (I a home care nurses aid) and I was think-wow! I can’t believe how stupid I was! But, 7 years of The Walking Dead cured me! Peace. ✌️

  • Dee R.
    03/19/2022 01:18

    These women are using his fame …they all knew what they were messing with 🙄

  • John V.
    03/19/2022 01:10


  • Jennifer D.
    03/19/2022 01:06

    Listen what’s he need written consent these women consented up being with a freak show stayed dating him js

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