Al Madrigal’s comic “Primos” introduces Mexican superheroes

“Mexicans are the world’s superheroes.” Tired of not seeing enough Latinx representation, comedian Al Madrigal wrote a comic book with Mexican superheroes ... AWA Studios

02/23/2022 5:57 PM


  • Andrew S.
    03/21/2022 14:47

    And what are you?

  • Lonesome G.
    03/21/2022 14:34

    Burrito man wouldn't have went over, sorry Al.

  • Kyle H.
    03/21/2022 14:17

    please stop with the latinX guess whose coming up with these words.same folks that called them savage

  • Ross F.
    03/21/2022 03:18

    Al Magrigal is no Mexican i know

  • Philip J.
    03/20/2022 22:01

    And here I'm waiting for a Paraplegic asexual lactose intolerant Inuit superhero 😎😁😎

  • Brad W.
    03/20/2022 16:19

    Frito Bandito?

  • Jeremy L.
    03/20/2022 12:06

    What about Zorro and his trusted horse

  • Michael K.
    03/20/2022 00:26

    Utilizing race for an agenda is ... wait for it ... Racist. In his first sentence he lists Green Lantern and reveals his complete ignorance of the subject matter. 🙄

  • Carlos C.
    03/19/2022 22:59


  • Marco A.
    03/19/2022 20:01

    As a Latino I wanna say that dude don't represent us. Cause real Latinos don't call our race latinex. Plus we don't get triggered about the ratio of Hispanic characters. I'm cool with miles and speedy and animals homie telling stories

  • Amer A.
    03/19/2022 13:00

    heck,even JESUS is white in the culture not a middle eastern looking guy....!!!!!

  • Tina R.
    03/19/2022 00:59

    Just more WOKE dumbasses

  • Mike C.
    03/18/2022 22:48

    This guy is a race baiter … stop crying and make up a f ing Mexican superhero … Frito Bandito comes to mind …

  • Dustin R.
    03/18/2022 20:09

    Is this guy waiting for a white guy to create a Latino super hero? That’s ridiculous. Why compare everything to what the white guys are going? I loved Spawn. I’m pretty sure he is not super white.

  • Daniel G.
    03/18/2022 13:48

    White: 60.1% (Non-Hispanic) Hispanic: 18.5% Black: 12.2% Asian: 5.6%Dec 28, 2020 I believe this is the answer. It’s not racist is about the audience and mostly about the money! But things are changing. Slowly but still changing.

  • Harvey E.
    03/18/2022 02:45

    race baiting

  • John V.
    03/18/2022 01:11

    If you want a Latin hero. Create one.

  • Gregg P.
    03/18/2022 00:51

    how about write a super hero and stop effing complaining and starting more divisiveness

  • Enrique A.
    03/18/2022 00:41

    Latinx 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Carlos A.
    03/17/2022 22:33

    Mexicans dont care about representation stops it

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