Alyssa Milano's #MeToo Message To Her Daughter

Alyssa Milano recorded this emotional message to her young daughter at the dawn of the #MeToo movement a year ago.

10/16/2018 7:11 PM


  • Mary H.
    06/17/2020 16:01

    Me too!!! Struggling

  • Tony G.
    12/18/2019 17:25

  • James S.
    12/07/2019 16:32

    Oh boo hoo.

  • Leon S.
    10/12/2019 22:15

    Leon is sorry

  • Shelly R.
    05/15/2019 17:14

    Thanks Alyssa, for all you're doing đŸ‘â­ïž

  • Hillary W.
    04/06/2019 00:25

    Trump didnt rape you. Stop teaching women to project there rapes on everyone but the rapist. I am a rape survivor and I dont appreciate people like you using my tragedy for your political success and reunitement with fame. It's disgusting.

  • Clay C.
    04/03/2019 02:36

    Glad she has a voice, unlike the babies she wants to have killed in Georgia. She doesnt even live here. Go kill babies in your home state. Nice dramatic act, btw.

  • Tammy J.
    12/17/2018 03:20

    Hi sunshine how ar you and family I'm right beside you all the way love sunshine and your family too

  • Cindy D.
    11/19/2018 02:15

    Not Me Too. Just band wagon people with problems they need to fix. About themselves and WHO these people associate with. Not wait days months years decades. Stop it already. Protest on current criminal and teal victims that have been killed, maimed for life, and protest at a jail or prison. No. Easier to do it in front of a camera in a safe place. Post is public. My 1sr Amendment right. Unless you'd like to report so owners of this method of communication is targeting only people that agree with you. And removing those who do not. Fund another solution,

  • Cindy D.
    11/19/2018 02:11

    She is an actor. And not a very good one. Boycott her and Hollywood elites who want to boycott an entire state if Georgia, plus your idiot elite friends. You will be history. A has been ...go to full prisons with convicted rapists murders not Dr Ford types coming out of the woodwork. Teach children sex makes babies, and protect them. Watch who they hang out with. You actors are obvilciois to real world life. God help us all.

  • Lilian I.
    10/31/2018 21:07

    necesito traducciĂłn

  • Ouchrif A.
    10/30/2018 23:15

    machi hadi hia li f dik la série ?

  • Anielka P.
    10/30/2018 14:06


  • Malik M.
    10/25/2018 18:04


  • Sandra A.
    10/22/2018 14:47

    U R an idiot!

  • Mary T.
    10/22/2018 12:43

    She was better in "Who's the Boss"

  • April V.
    10/18/2018 08:29

    Alissa Milano publicly credited Tarana Burke as being the first person to start the movement. Brut. - You guys need an edit that accurately reflects history. I’m grateful to both Milano and Burke for fueling and founding this movement.

  • Hodi E.
    10/18/2018 05:12

    If you don't like what hapening in your cuntry leav it and go thear whear is thing diferent.

  • Crandall M.
    10/18/2018 03:34

    hey its SAMANTHA ,

  • M N.
    10/18/2018 02:13


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