Anthony Daniels, the man behind C-3PO

The Star Wars actor who's played C-3PO for 42 years told Brut about his experience on set — and his lack of fame compared to his co-stars.

In Star Wars, Anthony Daniels has been wearing the C3PO costume for 43 years

Very attached to his character, the actor however did not experience the success of the film in the same way as his colleagues … He tells Brut.

Seduced by the script and the character of C3PO, Anthony Daniels accepted this role very different from anything he has ever played. In 1976, he put on the costume of the legendary character for the first time. "It took over 2 hours to get dressed and it was horrible because the costume was not fitting", remembers the actor. Indeed, it was the first time that this kind of costume was made, so there was no time to have it redone or repaired. When filming in the desert, when C3PO explains to Uncle Owen that he is fluent in six million forms of communication, under the suit, Anthony Daniels suffered martyrdom, "the suit was broken, my foot was getting overwrite", he says. However, as the new episodes arrived, the shooting conditions changed, and the costume evolved well. Printed in 3D, now the mask is removed in two seconds, "I can wipe my face and breathe", rejoices Anthony Daniels.

C3PO has been my alter ego, my friend, my companion for three trilogies now

As nobody expected, the success of Star Wars was planetary from the first episode. However, no one knew that Anthony Daniels was in the suit: “It was a difficult time because I saw the film all over the world and there were Carrie and Mark and Harrison, very well known, and I was sitting at home saying to myself: "I was there too. I would have liked to have been mentioned."

But, with the series of episodes, the public finally wanted to know who is hiding under the costume of C3PO. Anthony Daniels says he is very grateful to the fans who made the first Star Wars known. The fan base appeared quickly and kept growing, making the film go viral. For Anthony Daniels, it is clear: "If there had been no fans, there would have been only the first Star Wars."


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  • René B.
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    LEGEND!... period!

  • SJ Y.
    05/24/2020 02:17

    Anthony Daniels has been a great actor playing C-3PO in all the Star Wars movies. A great job well done by the famous actor himself. 🙂

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    James parsons should act in his biography movie 🎥 it would be a blockbuster movie . Don’t tell anybody I wanna direct the movie .

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    True gentleman! 🤖💛

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    What a nice guy

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    I’ve been enjoying your book and have found it most interesting. A nice read from a very different perspective. 🙏

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    he kinda looks abit like c3po lol

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    To me he was iconic

  • Therese P.
    05/14/2020 16:15

    This proves an actor can be anonymous and famous at the same time. C3PO is one of the most iconic characters in the saga and lends continuity to all the other episodes. Since the robots never age, they give the actor a lifetime of scripts and the fans a memory from childhood to adult.

  • Riku R.
    05/14/2020 15:44

    I hear Anthony Daniels was very nasty towards R2-D2 actor Kenny Baker. That is, according to Baker himself. Baker was on a break from filming and went to say hi to Daniels. Daniels responded with a snide remark. So Baker decided here and then not to socialize with Daniel's outside of work.

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    You were my favorite and just now getting to see you is amazing thanks .

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    Did a great job on setting the tone for this character. Your character is your fame & legacy. True fans know who you are & what you went through believe me.

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    anthony daniels absloute legend c3po

  • Hubert J.
    05/13/2020 11:42

    This guy is an amazing actor and speaker. If you pay attention, he never looses focus during the entire video — even when recalling events. His face never falters or twitches, none of his expressions are forced, and he keeps a consistent tone of voice and speaking speed throughout the entire video. Everything he says is fluid and graceful; it’s like he’s rehearsed the interview to a point of perfection (he seems fully capable of doing this without rehearsal, though). All things considered, it makes sense why he portrayed C-3PO, as does how the character was consistent throughout the movies. He will always be a legend in my book, because C-3PO was my favorite in the originals.

  • Andrea P.
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    C3PO was always my very favourite character. Lovable and charming.

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    Thank you, Anthony.

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    We will miss you. Your voice is awesome. Hope you will continue to act and you know never know, a galaxy far far away!!!!

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    Being 4 yrs old and watching Star Wars I was automatically hooked every time the chapter lines come up I’m that 4 yr old boy again watching my favorite movies and I own all of the movies including rogue one and solo I love every one in there own right