Breaking stereotypes about asexuality

"I'll get a comment that calls me a virgin loser and one that calls me a slut." She's asexual. And a lingerie model. Yasmin Benoit is tearing down stereotypes about her identity…

12/12/2020 9:58 PM


  • Lawrence L.
    01/17/2021 14:05

    SATAN the blood of Jesus is against you...

  • Aide G.
    01/15/2021 10:55

    The paradox here is she works in a field that creates sexual arousal yet she herself isn’t sexually active. There is more to this story..

  • Djami M.
    01/15/2021 05:57

    Manifestation des Libertés * Samedi 16 janvier 2021 Dans toute la France * A Paris 12h, M° Daumesnil, départ 14h direction Bastille - Stop à la Dictature Sanitaire - Stop à la loi Sécurité Globale et aux peines inimaginables (10 ans de prison) que veut infliger la macronie pour avoir organisé des fêtes - Stop aux fermetures abusives des bars, restaurants, des discothèques, de la culture, du sport.... - Stop à ce couvre feu et au confinement - Stop au vaccin obligatoire - Non à l'Etat d'Urgence Sanitaire sans cesse renouvelé pour vouloir être mis à vie - Stop à la Dictature En Marche

  • Sonja J.
    01/15/2021 03:50

    I still don't know why we have to discuss this in the year 2021🤔. We are all human beings and it shouldn't matter of we are Black or white or member of the LGBT+. It should only matter if a person is nice,friendly and correct to other people or if this person is an a..hole. Stay safe and healthy 🍀,greetings from germany 🦄🇩🇪

  • J M.
    01/15/2021 02:07

    Asexuality exists because sin exist, because Satan exist. The Bible addresses this type perversion, and many other perversions of the flesh. Society is in a free fall for tolerance (anything goes) which characterizes the age of Christ's return. But there's hope in Christ through the gospel when we repent.

  • JoAnn K.
    01/15/2021 01:14

    A friend of mine had a boyfriend who claimed to love her very much but never seemed to be in the mood for anything more than a cuddle even after months apart. Looking back, with all the conversations about asexuality going on now, it all makes sense, but at the time, convinced he found her deeply undesirable, she was devastated. They eventually broke up simply because he didnt have a name for what he was then and nobody was any wiser. Very sad. If only we had access to this information then

  • Mark S.
    01/15/2021 00:42

    "They don't like seeing good looking people who are asexual." Must not be talking about yourself homie

  • Carla C.
    01/15/2021 00:31

    Oh come on You claim you are “asexual” and go around shooting sexy pictures.... clueless

  • Scott M.
    01/15/2021 00:25

    They just ran this story a month ago. They must be bored.

  • Michael G.
    01/15/2021 00:19

    Just a person who doesn't like fvcking. Nothing special about it 😒

  • Keith S.
    01/15/2021 00:03

    humans are not asexual amd i would like to see proof that she is

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