DMX's final interview

"You see the beauty of who you are and why you are." This is DMX's final interview filmed with Uncensored three weeks before his death in April. In it, he opens up about personal trauma... The interview will begin airing on TV One on Sunday, May 16.

05/14/2021 8:57 PMupdated: 05/14/2021 8:59 PM


  • Manil K.
    05/17/2021 15:48


  • Andre J.
    05/17/2021 06:59

    Sound like he had hard time breathing... Rest well Dmx🙏

  • مسك ع.
    05/14/2021 23:42

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  • Mariiee M.
    05/14/2021 23:00

    I think in heart he knew he was going to die you can really tell the way he is talking just is paradise

  • Brut
    05/14/2021 22:24

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  • Marco L.
    05/14/2021 21:04

    Israel 🇮🇱 vs palestine 🇵🇸 dont day u didn’t know