• Hanan I.
    10/26/2020 18:08

    ki bollammmmm

  • Laura D.
    03/15/2020 01:40

    Got any clothes with useful sized pockets? Share them here to help other women out... Womens Clothes With Pockets. https://www.facebook.com/groups/420012185505827/

  • Lafifa A.
    10/31/2019 04:56


  • Zaid Z.
    10/31/2019 00:41

    Wht a rubbish thinking, for pockets why the gender discrimination comes here,,,,,

  • Javier M.
    10/31/2019 00:41

    No entiendo una mierda

  • Tarek A.
    10/30/2019 20:02

    welcome to 2019 : even the absence of pockets is called " gender based discrimination " I mean really ??

  • خالي خ.
    10/30/2019 17:15


  • Akash B.
    10/30/2019 15:37

    I don't know why u women always blaming all men's for all dis if you want something do whatever you want to do nobody care's alright

  • Kaal B.
    10/30/2019 15:21

    pseudo feminist at its peak.. now, whos stopping you not to have pockets?? why everytime compared with male, this clearly shows nomatter what your theories says, male are always dominant.. and, please, put pockets in bikini too. it might will be more convinient.. 🙄🙄🙄

  • Rohan L.
    10/30/2019 14:44

    What are handbags for then?? Masturbation!! Actually the video has such a silly topic I mean you are making a big fuss for a pocket Really??? There are many pants with pocket which can be used by womens too and for you it symbolises freedom?????

  • Samuel M.
    10/30/2019 14:44

    But still when women got pockets they won’t be keeping their cell phones in that pocket🤣😂😂!!! It will be obviously in their hand 😏😏

  • Hf S.
    10/30/2019 14:24

    Who said you can't have...

  • Ankit D.
    10/30/2019 04:31

    I want busses to have equal men and women seats.

  • علي م.
    10/30/2019 00:54

    شو نجبي

  • Myat H.
    10/30/2019 00:45

    Who care

  • Imran H.
    10/29/2019 20:15


  • Vedant T.
    10/29/2019 02:49

    Why do you need to make a video on this

  • Hader M.
    10/29/2019 01:09


  • Hader M.
    10/29/2019 01:09


  • Renaldo M.
    10/28/2019 19:08

    Absolutely stupid..wtf pockets.??

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