Fired Netflix employee speaks to Brut about Dave Chappelle controversy

"[It's] going to be embarrassing that Netflix released this thing." As Dave Chapelle's special, "The Closer," is criticized for transphobia, Netflix fired trans employee B. Pagels-Minor. They spoke to Brut about what happened...

10/22/2021 9:58 PM


  • Britney J.
    10/31/2021 03:12

    Interestingly enough, there was no outrage when allowed media that sexualized young girls. Just another 'I'ma pick and choose what offends me and therefore, no one else should have/want it either" - you're not helping this community. In fact, you've done the exact opposite. Way to be "right", too bad you sacrificed your happiness and integrity.

  • Teira .
    10/30/2021 22:39

    Black trans are Black first...They need to understand how this is rooted in white supremacy and how they are being used for their cause, just like most things that black people get used for...

  • Nazra D.
    10/26/2021 17:21


  • Alyssa C.
    10/26/2021 13:13

    He literally makes fun of everyone. If you can’t handle someone else opinions then keep yourself in a closet until you grown thicker skin. If you want to be treated as equals then here it is. Equally being hated on by a COMEDIAN.

  • Dan M.
    10/26/2021 11:14


  • Jinn S.
    10/25/2021 21:19

    What makes trans people more important or special then normal people ? Why must we put people up on pedestals.. remember not even twenty years ago trans people were hunted down.. now their worshipped. They are just people was what was always said before now they're like Gods..

  • Cancerian G.
    10/25/2021 05:30

    If trans people keep this up it will backfire on them so hard. Cause we see what they are really doing using Dave name to get a platform I thought before trans people should live what ever they wanted to live..... Now I just don't care

  • Zaitouni J.
    10/24/2021 15:28

    Good job dave chappelle !!!

  • Astrit F.
    10/24/2021 10:39


  • Dylan G.
    10/24/2021 08:17

    Honestly best stand up I've seen in a while and he makes some very valid points in it

  • Lourdes M.
    10/24/2021 06:41

    So I just finished watching his special and after watching this here video…I don’t think we watched the same special. Or I am just THAT ignorant. Granted, I’m not one to offend easily so maybe that’s it too. I dunno.

  • Kim K.
    10/24/2021 01:51

    I watched it, and will watch it again,and the only reason I watched it was to see what all the fuss was about.

  • Dee D.
    10/23/2021 21:41

    Man please....I will never refer to a man as a woman and a woman as a man just because they say so. Regardless of who they get to agree with them, they might not believe in God but I do and I'll have to account for my actions here.

  • Haz P.
    10/23/2021 19:38

    Good job Netflix....freedom of speech is the USA right...stop being so sensitive too other people thoughts... And if it bothers y'all so much then there must be some truthful jokes involved that hit the spot!!!! Praise do to dave 🎤

  • James R.
    10/23/2021 18:23

    This trans shot is getting outta hand

  • Christian G.
    10/23/2021 15:45

    The alphabet people make it so obvious they never watched the special 😂😂 don’t forget they bullied a fellow tranny to the point of suicide because she defended Dave 😬

  • Eddie G.
    10/23/2021 15:39

    Why is it ok have 200 bands that sing about satanic versus kill the christians encourage the burning of churches a lot of them American mind you but the moment expresses his thoughts they get cancelled his freedom of speech free or not

  • Tracy F.
    10/23/2021 15:34

    I watched maybe 5 minutes and knew where this show was heading and it was nowhere good!! If you make disparaging statements you are responsible for those statement and be prepared to accept the consequences of those who you offend!! 🤔

  • Hussein Y.
    10/23/2021 12:28

    Americans are so massed up!!?

  • Brian B.
    10/23/2021 10:50


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