• Hannah V.
    09/01/2017 19:22

    Rhiannon Maire Reese ❤️

  • Barbara H.
    08/09/2017 19:24

    Spitting hate in the name of god shame on these protesters and bless these gentlemen that took a wonderful approach at drowning the hateful words out!

  • Joey Z.
    08/09/2017 16:40


  • Katy B.
    07/25/2017 04:18

    I like the people in the green shirts! Their voices are beautiful as is their song!

  • Dolly A.
    07/24/2017 18:34

    God does not promote hate...to love God does not mean to hate anything or anybody....

  • Kaylynn H.
    07/24/2017 18:22

    That's fucking awesome. I love this. Fake Christians will always hate that's what they do. Good job guys. Love love love.

  • Heather D.
    07/02/2017 06:34

    I love this

  • Fran A.
    07/01/2017 17:04

    Well done 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • McKayla S.
    06/28/2017 15:25

    How can people seriously think that you can be a Christian, but be part of the disgusting lgbt community at the same time? Maybe if people ACTUALLY picked up the Bible and read it, they'd see that the lgbt community is WRONG. But no, they don't read it, because they know that they're wrong, and the Bible says that being gay, lesbian, and whatever the heck people have come up with, is wrong! Smh. People in society today are so frikin stupid and disgusting. You freaks ruined the rainbow for me.

  • Bill N.
    06/28/2017 03:22

    It's interesting how the religious right are hyper focused on homosexuality. Homosexuality is not what's destroying our country. Greed, hate and pride may be the culprits. Let's focus on those sins for a change.

  • Vanessa T.
    06/27/2017 05:41

    Although, I do applaud him for not becoming loud and aggressive (being outnumbered and all) but he is not spreading the message of Jesus Christ: Love one another. Be happy y'all! Lift Jesus! The end is near, He will return. All Love, all Love.

  • Melissa K.
    06/26/2017 22:38

    I love this!

  • Xavier Z.
    06/26/2017 10:21

    This is funny

  • James F.
    06/26/2017 00:41

    This is fucking great

  • Shania S.
    06/25/2017 23:43


  • Petra S.
    06/25/2017 04:08

    OMG the songs

  • Mauve S.
    06/25/2017 00:47


  • Chregan C.
    06/25/2017 00:26

    This was beautiful.

  • Sandra L.
    06/24/2017 22:00

    lovin' it!!!

  • Bella N.
    06/24/2017 15:33

    Why are my nipples hard?