• Yana O.
    7 hours

    Sips coffee, roll eyes and moving on with my life...

  • Victoria B.
    8 hours

    This is dramatic

  • Casey G.
    12 hours

    I love watching yall get heated over things that are being said like the whole generation is responsible. Gen Z, please stop with the "were not like the younger gen Z" some are just starting school. They're kids and teens of course they're not going to do everything you want. I'm sure Millenials thought the same when half their generation was still in school. Were fine. We will grow out of it. And stop taking everything so personally. I just want to add, Eminem? Really guys, people have been trying to cancel him since he got on the spotlight. Which was exactly when gen Z started. Why are we the ones trying to "cancel him"????

  • Katie J.
    13 hours


  • Amy V.
    14 hours

    😂😂😂 I’ll be listening to offensive Eminem lyrics in my skinny jeans and side part all day!!!! Ok. Flared leggings cause we know pregnancy and skinny jeans don’t go together 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Daya R.
    14 hours

    ik ga stuk 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tina B.
    15 hours


  • Aimie L.
    16 hours


  • Abbey S.
    a day

    Older Gen Z and I have always worn a middle part while the side part was a trend and will forever hold onto my love of skinny jeans! Just don’t love that they don’t conceal a 9mm very easily🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jason H.
    a day

    If you were born at least in by 1981 and you are a dude then chances are you never have and never will wear skinny jeans. Dumb!

  • Krisann J.
    a day

    WTF did I watch?

  • Brandy K.
    a day

    Omg the coding your emoticons woman had me dying laughing 🤣

  • Glenn N.
    a day

    They both suck gen x rules

  • Ember M.
    a day

    Literally not one gen-z is trying to cancel eminem. He is the only white rapper I know that would never cross the line to say the n-word

  • Kerry W.
    a day

    Im sick of people blaming Millennials for all the dumb sh*t the Z Generation does.

  • Bianca B.
    a day

    Gen z still don't know why r millenials so mad at us we said nothing, like, where did this start

  • Kristian S.
    a day

    Wonder why all are women??

  • Joseph M.
    a day

    This gen Z slash Millennial slash boomer slesh before boomer is so stupid. I hate evey one equaly and there are idiots in evey bunch and this video proves this. lol

  • Maddy S.
    a day

    So I am Gen Z, but I hate everything about it. I can’t wear skinny jeans, but I am not fat. I can’t wear a middle part, because I look like I don’t shower, because I have this weird mix between wavy and curly hair.

  • Teri-Anne M.
    a day

    I've never had any issues with any gen z. If you ask me just like every generational divide, it's just people in the position of power deliberately causing that divide. Imagine how screwd the rich elites would be if every generation stopped falling for the same thing over and over again and we all came together to fight for eachother.

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