How Kanye West went from rapper to fashion designer

He makes headlines at every fashion week. He's sporting matching outfits with his girlfriends. Here's how Kanye West established himself as a respected name in fashion...

01/25/2022 7:17 PMupdated: 01/25/2022 7:20 PM


  • Mohamed A.
    4 days

    This man is a genius

  • Tojo T.
    5 days

    Early Kanye look so innocent 😅idk y

  • Ramona S.
    6 days

    So stupid making the rich richer!

  • Colleen S.
    6 days

    I like him

  • Irshad A.
    7 days

    Fashion crackhead

  • Franzinegwen H.
    7 days

    Sara Thomas jes williams why my home so I took all everything come my way

  • Franzinegwen H.
    7 days

    Riped of my name my life franzine hyatt Francine PH PHELISHA phrancine

  • Scotch N.
    05/07/2022 07:52

    Avcxxsfgbvfbbfddcvvvvvdwsddddssssssssssssssssaafgjhnyfm. Txgdhvhb,mbggfghhhbcfbhmmngddyghyfggg

  • Dimitri P.
    04/23/2022 20:03

    Not much of a fashion. He just dresses like any blue collar worked in the nineties. Canadian tuxedo and some Sorrell boots cause the job site is muddy. Not that impressive if you ask me. Anyone can dress like a pipeliner but this idiot get praised for it for some reason

  • Zdeněk Z.
    04/16/2022 20:45


  • Scott H.
    04/04/2022 16:56

    Wasup with those Mary J Blige boots he always be wearing?

  • Luther F.
    03/31/2022 09:17

    "Here's how Kanye West became a respected name in fashion" i stopped on this part and didn't want to continue. 🤮

  • Falonda S.
    03/26/2022 13:28


  • Mousumi A.
    03/25/2022 14:40

    কেনিয়ে কিম থেকে হাজার গুন সেন্সেবল, এবং টেলেন্টেড ফ্যেশন সেন্স ভালো সাথে অনেক স্মার্ট ও, like this man.

  • Rishika R.
    03/19/2022 06:54

    His fashion is inspired from homeless people

  • Alo N.
    03/18/2022 15:23

    wierd is the proper word

  • Emman U.
    03/18/2022 13:37


  • Æmū N.
    03/18/2022 12:46

    1stly spit gutkha out of your mouth dewa

  • Fang H.
    03/17/2022 12:45

    The best dressed rapper would be Pitbull

  • Damion H.
    03/17/2022 00:30


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