People injured in Squid Game reality show

Netflix has denied claims that contestants on their new “Squid Game: The Challenge” reality show have suffered any serious injuries.

The set “was like a war zone”

The streaming platform is currently filming “Squid Game: The Challenge,” which invites 456 contestants to compete in games based on the fictional show for a $4.56 million cash prize. UK publication the Sun spoke with an unnamed contestant, who said multiple people suffered injuries due to extremely cold temperatures in the studio for the recreation of the original show’s game, Red Light, Green Light.

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*”Even if hypothermia kicked in then people were willing to stay for as long as possible because a lot of money was on the line,”* the source explained. They further claimed the set *“was like a war zone”* and multiple people *“were getting carried out by medics.”* They said, *“some were crawling by the end [and] at least one was carried out on a stretcher.”* 

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After the claims were published, Netflix clarified that three people were treated for *“mild medical conditions.”* They also stated that medics were on set at all times and proper safety procedures were taken. *“While it was very cold on set and participants were prepared for that – any claims of serious injury are untrue,”* said Netflix.

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