Inside TikTok's viral #writtenbyaman trend

Oversexualized, romanticized, unrealistic. This latest online trend is taking on the male gaze by showing how women are portrayed when they are #writtenbyaman ...

09/20/2021 8:34 PMupdated: 09/21/2021 10:36 AM

And even more


    • David O.
      a day

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    • Hodi E.
      4 days

      Another idiotic video. And bunch of 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Imagine thinking Man isn't equally sexualized, by famele authors. Sometimes even more, I literally get sick from reading romantic novels written by fameles yet I'm not complaining, or starting a movement, because there are people who enjoy it. Grow up and instead of blaming everything on man find a partner who loves you.

    • Christian A.
      5 days

      Man I'm loving the ever increasing pace in which people are realizing how f****** STUPID the radical left is.

    • Natali N.
      6 days

      Omg what is going on with people nowadays.I think that you feel so good being the "victims" and all of that seems to me like you are desperate for attention.Like you try to tell me that men aren't sexualized as well by female authors who are thirsting over them ???:D Stop whining and find yourself a partner who appreciates the real you ,there are toxic people both male and female ,stop generalizing everything.

    • JoAnn K.
      6 days

      but i am guilty of overromantising, emotionally overdeveloping, and hypermuscularising my men🤔

    • Dave T.
      6 days

      I see, again, that the white male as at fault for all of society’s short comings.

    • Michael A.
      6 days

      Y'all did this already, is it a reupload

    • Bikash S.
      09/28/2021 14:59

    • Reese W.
      09/28/2021 14:45

      Wow, who would have guessed that people on social media found something else to cry about. Shut the fuck up already and just try to enjoy life for once.

    • Artis T.
      09/28/2021 06:37

      SAND. NE. MY. MONEY. TODAY. PLEASE. ITS. BEEN. 4. MO.s. now I. Need. An. Want.bits. now..

    • Naoki G.
      09/27/2021 16:43

      This isn't a trend.... you're trying to make it a trend

    • Daniel F.
      09/26/2021 21:30

      Ok. Now do male characters in romance movies

    • David C.
      09/26/2021 17:11


    • Shraddha G.
      09/26/2021 10:22

      damn this apt!

    • Hari N.
      09/26/2021 08:32


    • Sayeri B.
      09/26/2021 02:10

      Dumb trend, doesn’t make sense at all. There are tons of movies written & directed by male directors, and the heroine is not represented as a sex symbol.

    • Pradyumna M.
      09/25/2021 22:58

      If Kill Bill were realistic, the movie would've ended in the opening scene 😂😂

    • Conficius K.
      09/25/2021 21:29

      Go, girls! live your life Leave out the movie scene Get it Outta ya head Just like you ditched ya parental advice

    • Rajwin
      09/25/2021 17:54

      Yeah, here's another woke white women, by making a trend like these women are getting cringe attention, it's filmmaker or an screenwriter's freedom to write about what they like, if you irritated by that... Yeah 👍

    • Manav K.
      09/25/2021 16:06

      Fantasy sells... reality doesnt. Wanna read about a bus trip to the mall and ordering a subway? ...i guess not.

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