Interview: Joaquin Phoenix tells Brut why he's vegan

He took part in a protest while he was on his way to attend the Toronto International Film Festival. Vegan from the age of 3, he has been fighting for animal rights his whole life. Joaquin Phoenix tells Brut why he’s so committed to this cause.

09/28/2019 8:35 AM


  • Mame S.
    03/26/2021 05:49

    Je l adore ..

  • Ben C.
    03/09/2021 11:21

    Anti-speciesist proselytism

  • Paul G.
    12/13/2020 23:37

    I just love him I just wish that evry day more peploe eill undersatand that wee are a big part of This barbaric .stop to eat meat “BY THE NAM OF GOD “

  • Sean C.
    10/01/2020 06:50

    Real men protect the weak and vulnerable. A true hero 🙏🌱❤️

  • Annette V.
    09/13/2020 23:50

    Talented Actor 😍❤️💗

  • Debi G.
    08/21/2020 06:34

    Absolutely loved and agreed with everything Joaquin said. I guess you got to be a celebrity to not get bitched out for having those thoughts because I said the very same thing today on a page about people fishing and hunting just got nothing but grief for it cuz I don't make my living in front of a camera. At least there's one person hopefully people will take a lesson from. No that's the way you use your celebrity. :-) :-) Subject matter: :-( :-(

  • Patty K.
    08/02/2020 02:10

    You are sooo purdy

  • Alice E.
    07/27/2020 12:50

    Edelisse Massey

  • Pauline M.
    07/05/2020 14:29


  • Brittany N.
    06/28/2020 04:15

    I love him

  • Tam O.
    06/09/2020 23:06

    Well said 🌱

  • Lisa R.
    06/06/2020 02:30

    Why cant everyone see how awful and wrong it is...factory farming absolutely did this even happen..who said it was ok??? Horrific dog and cat meat torture trade in parts of Asia truly unbelievable

  • Cate S.
    05/31/2020 03:01

    I totally agree w everything vegans say.... except for the wool! Sheep love being shorn, yes they do, running off all naked m happy 😊 Maybe that’s just Australian sheep... and New Zealand sheep 🐑 Wool is a noble industry.

  • Janice G.
    05/30/2020 07:54


  • Karen D.
    05/25/2020 11:59

    A very powerful message from an incredibly talented actor.

  • Tet R.
    05/07/2020 00:17

    I am actually starting to slowly move into becoming a vegan.. it's difficult, I still have a long way to go..but I'm sure I'll get there somehow..

  • Tet R.
    05/07/2020 00:15

    Love Joaquin! ♥️

  • Edel M.
    05/02/2020 16:31


  • Heide B.
    04/09/2020 17:14

    Spot on! I don’t know how people can witness these killings and cruelty without being affected by it.

  • Kim R.
    04/07/2020 16:21

    I am against animal abuse. But, not all farmers abuse their animals. I think the larger mass producers tend to. And other countries like China are horrific in the way the slaughter their animals. I am on the edge of being Vegan. Occasionally I eat meat, but mostly not.

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