Jessica Chastain on sexism in movies

"It was quite disturbing to me" Jessica Chastain denounced the representation of women in the films, after being a judge for the 2017 Festival de Cannes.

05/30/2017 12:49 PM


  • Austin W.
    05/31/2017 02:35

    i guess i don't understand what she's saying because i haven't seen the films... but her comments seem very self serving and entitled... i didn't like the way women are portrayed in films, with some exceptions... i want women who are proactive and have their own agencies that don't just react to the men around them... ok, not all women are like that. women come with all different perspectives, personalities and priorities. people write about what they know, and i have no doubt the writers based many of the characters you disliked on real women they know. i'm sorry they don't all know the women you recognize in your day-to-day life. that doesn't make them any less valid. people can't all be hollywood stars.

  • Clifford H.
    05/31/2017 00:54

    Where's my costume.... I want to march.

  • Gabriela M.
    05/31/2017 00:22

    Logan Moody

  • Loralee B.
    05/30/2017 23:48

    Good for her for using her platform to speak up!

  • Ntxhiav M.
    05/30/2017 23:12

    I support this.

  • Lauren W.
    05/30/2017 22:10

    I love her ?

  • Sheri K.
    05/30/2017 21:32

    wow she looks just like Marie

  • Ariel A.
    05/30/2017 19:41

    Oh no! It's a women with an opinion? Lets all freak out because it's not like that's exactly what they were asking for when they asked her to jury a show.

  • Caroline B.
    05/30/2017 19:41


  • Nicole P.
    05/30/2017 17:48

    So instead of doing your job and judging the films presented, you took the opportunity to use the festival to push feminism. Shame on you.

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