Living with severe acne: Mattéa tells her story

At 16, Mattéa developed severe acne from stress. Despite the cruel comments and bullying, she's taken to TikTok to show support to other young girls like her who are struggling to accept themselves.

04/16/2021 5:04 PMupdated: 04/16/2021 5:06 PM


  • Alief I.
    05/09/2022 09:33


  • Roberto C.
    04/19/2021 21:50

    I think u are beautiful no matter what inside and out side stay strong yull get thru it cheers .

  • Hadassa E.
    04/19/2021 18:31

    Go vegan and clean your colon

  • Camille T.
    04/19/2021 18:05

    People are so cruel. She is lovely and acne is a temporary problem

  • Надежда М.
    04/19/2021 18:01

    Stunning girl! Love yourself as much as you can! Everything will be fine❤️

  • Lakshmi P.
    04/19/2021 17:36

    You are so pretty. Please try homeopathy for your problem. It works at the constitutional level and will surely help you. Chronic skin problems are usually signs of a constitutional malaise that has to be fixed for a lasting solution. All the best to you!

  • Lena M.
    04/19/2021 17:36

    Stop using milkproducts at all and it will change. Hugs!

  • John M.
    04/19/2021 17:31

    Keep going girl, I wish you well .....and it will get better!

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