M3GAN is the latest horror icon

She's the 4-foot tall, killer robotic doll taking the internet and critics by storm. "M3GAN" is the titular character of 2023's first major movie release, and she’s living up to all the hype.

## James Wan New Horror Film 'M3GAN'

The story follows a lifelike doll created to accompany a recently orphaned girl, but soon turns murderous. When the trailer for the horror comedy released in October of last year, it sparked a wave of memes and reactions online, with many quick to dub M3gan *“a camp horror icon.”*

Jordan Peele’s Reinvention of Horror

*“As soon as I saw that trailer and I saw that dance… It was very clear to me that it was going to be sort of instant gay iconography,”* said NYU professor Joe Vallese, who writes about the intersection of queerness and horror movies. 

A Winnie the Pooh horror movie?

The film, which just hit theaters, debuted on Rotten Tomatoes with a critics score of 96%. M3GAN” cost $12 million to produce and, this weekend alone, is set to generate between $17 and $20 million domestically.

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