Meet Steven "Special Envoy" Seagal

'90s action star Steven Seagal was just appointed as a Russian Special Envoy to the U.S. by Vladimir Putin himself. Yep, really.

08/07/2018 9:00 PM
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  • Michelle J.
    08/07/2018 21:04

    I hear he likes the prostitutes best of all lol.

  • Nicky L.
    08/07/2018 21:07


  • John S.
    08/07/2018 21:07

    Another Golden Shower boy!

  • Scott H.
    08/07/2018 21:15

    Lol, he thinks Russians don't have technology.

  • Winston S.
    08/07/2018 21:17

    How many ways can you Say traitorrrrrrr

  • Herminio C.
    08/07/2018 21:17

    He'll be a great negotiator LMAO.

  • Lu D.
    08/07/2018 21:19

    What how.... is that we now are stupid if we don’t support this nonsense....

  • John B.
    08/07/2018 21:21

    Pathetic that this guy and Rodman are the best diplomats this regime has to offer - time to get back to REAL government and get rid of a reality TV personality and his crime family

  • Keesha M.
    08/07/2018 21:22

    This has to be fake. Steven Seigal would never eat a carrot or any other vegetable for that matter. 😂😂😂

  • Alino B.
    08/07/2018 21:23

    Russians seems to understand how to use social engineering to divide America.Now they are weaponizing our movie stars.America is awoken.

  • Rebecca I.
    08/07/2018 21:24

    Get off my screen ya PUTZ

  • Jayp V.
    08/07/2018 21:27

    Send JCVD to china to represent and Stallone too mexico or brazil

  • Fateh A.
    08/07/2018 21:29

    Did I just notice Seagal used black shoe polish to colour his beard and hair😆😝😆

  • Zerri X.
    08/07/2018 21:29

    Guess he couldn't get any love here since sexually assaulting those women & his wife so he moved there.

  • Rasheed I.
    08/07/2018 21:30

    That’s the only thing he has left, he and his movies suck!!!

  • Jennifer B.
    08/07/2018 21:32

    Kicked in the head a few too many times by real marshal artists..

  • Rui R.
    08/07/2018 21:32

    What a S hole.

  • Droseph M.
    08/07/2018 21:33

    No true Americans likes Putin only Trump and his Trumpflakes

  • Patricia G.
    08/07/2018 21:36


  • Shirley L.
    08/07/2018 21:37

    Stay there. Traitor