Meet the Comedian Who Crashed the Chanel Catwalk

She crashed Chanel's runway during Paris Fashion Week and was booted off the catwalk by Gigi Hadid. This is French comedian Marie S'Infiltre — and Brut interviewed her about the viral prank.

The comedian is known for this type of prank

French comedian, she tells us how she managed to crash a Chanel catwalk. Marie Benoliel, known as Marie S'Infiltre to her 200,000 Instagram followers, jumped onto the runway while wearing a black-and-white tweed suit and hat. After she finished the walk, model Gigi Hadid confronted her and escorted her off stage by placing her hand on Benoliel's shoulder. Video footage also shows two men in black walking through the crowd to track her down. Benoliel also crashed Etam's lingerie show during Paris Fashion Week but wrote on Instagram that she wanted to take on a more difficult target.

Sister Bella Hadid posted on Instagram that Gigi's move was "iconic." Fashion editor and Chanel collaborator Carine Roitfeld wrote, "Gigi saves the finale of the Chanel show from a catwalk crasher!" However, people were not happy the 28-year-old comedian. One person wrote, “You have no respect for other’s hard work. Hope someday you have the respect for other’s effort. You’re ridiculous,” while another wrote, “Wow. This is tacky AF. LMAO.” A third person chimed in, writing, “I’m sorry, but is this supposed to be funny?”

Marie tried to blend in, but ultimately, two men in black walked through the crowd to track her down. Gigi, 24, was the one to take her off the stage, as she appeared to speak to her angrily and placed a hand on her shoulder. Despite the drama, the show was a success as Hollywood A-listers including Anna Wintour and Cardi B looked on. Benoliel’s YouTube video featuring a mashup of footage from the show includes an advertisement for a one-woman show she’s currently in at the Comedy & Studio of the Champs-Elysées. Hadid did not acknowledge the incident on social media, choosing instead to repost videos without the prankster from the show on her Instagram Story. The official Chanel account also did not speak about the incident but posted a photo of Hadid posing on the rooftop set.


10/04/2019 6:27 PMupdated: 10/04/2019 9:52 PM
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  • Маја П.
    16 hours

    You rock! 🤘 😍

  • Juds A.
    20 hours

    A retardate comedian

  • Carlita R.
    21 hours

    If she wanted to make an impression she could've done it the right way, make her own fashion show and don't ruin someone s show, maybe (who am i to judge anyway) but what she did was wrong

  • Chin A.
    a day


  • Rimi B.
    2 days

    She did the right thing by picking you and putting u in ur place

  • Melesisi S.
    2 days

    Lol imagine talking about how you CRASHED a show and than complain about how you were booted out of it later 😂 what a joke!

  • Anna G.
    2 days

    Well apart from the fact of crashing someone's hard work her lines are true too there's this face of no expression making it cool like why ? What's the point tho ? If I'mma wear a channel do I need to look like a dead ass haunted doll or a beautiful woman with a beautiful smile radiating positive response and energy .

  • Anna G.
    2 days

    Imma need her no. Tho for future crashes 😂😂😂

  • Alexandra F.
    2 days

    Oh my God, can you imagine... so much hard work... 🙄, get a life and start enjoying simple things! Stop being so dramatic 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️. Well done her 😂

  • Anna S.
    2 days

    So disrespectful 😒!! Trying to be a comedian but youre not funny at all!!!!! Models work hard and more people are involved to make it a success.

  • Alice L.
    2 days

    Pretty sure Anna Wintour was laughing at you, and not laughing with you.

  • Avanti D.
    2 days

    I don't get the point. What's funny about just disrupting a rehearsed event? Would you also just put a finger in someone's cake batter and say it's funny? Cuz it's not.

  • Iana G.
    2 days

    Imagine months of planning and you ruined it for fun. You even went their illegally.

  • Yay B.
    2 days

    Well, you obviously ARE RUDE ans DISRESPECTFUL for ruining their show like that. Wth dud you except?!

  • Elena N.
    2 days

    That’s no funny, it disrespectful. It shows more that you need attention. Look for a better job, instead of ruin someone else efforts.

  • Victoria A.
    2 days

    This girl is so dense! She thinks she’s done some kind of shit. No! You didn’t. You just ruined a show people worked hard for. It’s not your place to say how the industry should work. You’re not even part of the industry. Self-righteous piece of shit.

  • Loh L.
    2 days

    I can imagine those girls who worked hard, poured sweat tears and maybe even blood to get a chance to shine on the runway with glory only for some random person to barge in a ruin everything. I don’t know much about the fashion industry but what if that was the only chance someone had to be on the stage for the rest of their lives and she ruined it. There’s always a time and place for everything but this is just wrong and the message kind of backfired didn’t it?

  • Pa S.
    2 days

    Not really fan of super models but this comedian is the funniest unfunniest comedian

  • Hana S.
    2 days

    ma m3ahom 7a2 el sra7a w b3den hia malha bsho8lohom w malha btre2thom

  • Kayla M.
    2 days

    Sounds like this “comedian “ is just jealous . Jealous of the models , Gigi , the fashion, all of it . Definitely wasn’t funny. Even if Gigi was born with a silver spoon, it doesn’t mean something she’s dedicated time and money on should be trampled on.