Meet "the one-handed sewing man"

Bullied for a hand deformity growing up, he turned to fashion, and is now turning out stylin' threads for his own fashion label — all with one hand.

09/17/2018 7:01 PM


  • Chaneice T.
    11/06/2020 02:17

    So amazing 😍

  • Erin H.
    10/09/2020 04:21

    Awesome!!! May God Continue To Bless You!!!

  • Albert H.
    10/09/2020 01:57

    I highly respect that... He's blessed..."ounce theirs a will, it's always a way"...

  • Sara M.
    10/08/2020 15:29


  • Kaya M.
    10/08/2020 15:10

    Yes!!! Continued success to you!

  • Karlena W.
    10/02/2019 03:15

    I need clothing made for video shoots for my entertainment company!!!!!

  • Sharon A.
    10/02/2019 00:45


  • Zynnia L.
    10/02/2019 00:31

    please you are all about fashion from head to toe!!!! Start a fashion business!!!!! 😘😘😘😘

  • Raine M.
    09/30/2019 00:51


  • Vickie J.
    09/29/2019 21:06

    Absolutely Beautiful

  • Rachael G.
    09/29/2019 05:11

    He's so talented! And not just for doing it with one hand (although that is extremely difficult!) But he's just straight up TALENTED and motivated and strong and I would like to have just a speck of his motivation and strength

  • GM B.
    09/29/2019 03:20

    Wow amazing

  • Joan S.
    09/29/2019 01:36

    Beautiful clothing .... God blessyou

  • Dee M.
    09/28/2019 22:58

    I want to buy one of your designs!

  • Rita V.
    09/28/2019 21:57


  • Qaysean W.
    09/28/2019 21:48

    Love youuuu guys at thank you for sharing my story and not only inspiring me to be greater but millions of others ❤️❤️❤️ IG:

  • Gertrude T.
    09/28/2019 21:40

    You Are Great keep Up Beautiful The Beautiful Clothes Love Them

  • Winnie D.
    09/28/2019 21:35

    I wouldn’t say he has a disability.

  • Julie B.
    09/28/2019 21:28

    Awesome! He should do a show featuring disabled people on the catwalk

  • Beth A.
    09/28/2019 21:25

    Goes to show what passion and determination can lead to. Such talent!

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