• Nikki I.
    03/23/2018 17:42

    All of the people criticizing this woman because she said Muslim women obviously did not pay attention to what she said. She said that it's not only Black and White women who have stories to be told but also Muslim women. She didn't specifically state that she was talking about the races of women. She was just stating that diversity of women and how we don't have a chance to hear their stories.

  • Geoffrey C.
    03/23/2018 12:28

    LIKE WHO?!? that was her question?

  • Rasheka B.
    03/23/2018 00:58

    She wasn't confusing race with religion. She was saying woman who are Muslim whether black brown, purple, or blue. they are hated discriminatd againt because they are Muslim and they have a story to tell

  • Coffee C.
    03/22/2018 19:36

    Right where they Asian woman they r so beautiful

  • Jasmine C.
    03/22/2018 17:52

    Love how she handled her ignorant attempts to make light of such a serious issue.

  • Mike C.
    03/22/2018 02:23

    Muslim women? Hahaha.. wtf? Muslim doesn't imply a colour

  • Omni O.
    03/19/2018 13:53

    Like who 😩 she should have said “give us a few examples “ at least geesh

  • Shehzadi F.
    03/19/2018 12:44

    love her

  • Shehzadi F.
    03/19/2018 12:44

    love her

  • Shehzadi F.
    03/19/2018 12:43

    love her

  • Rolanda M.
    03/19/2018 05:15

    Did that chick really say like who? Wow

  • Dena M.
    03/17/2018 20:35

    Did she day Like WHO?

  • Anita M.
    03/17/2018 19:40

    what have we been talking about???!!

  • Sandra M.
    03/17/2018 03:33

    Different women representation, women with disability, Transwomen, refugee women, migrant women, women of color, we don't see enough representation of these women on our screen.....!

  • Ryan B.
    03/16/2018 15:32

    there’s your girl

  • Collena R.
    03/15/2018 12:21

    “Like who” 😑😑

  • Equisha N.
    03/15/2018 03:47

    The fact that she asked like who is the problem.

  • Sharon B.
    03/15/2018 03:41

    She thought she was going to catch her slipping on what she was saying

  • Nnenna U.
    03/13/2018 14:08

    You could geographical say the same thing about Russia. But no one thinks to refer to them as “Asian”. That’s because the term “Asian” doesn’t refer to the continent so much as to the people; in the same way Canadians aren’t called “Americans” just because they are a part of North America.

  • Robert S.
    03/13/2018 11:56

    I like her

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