Plus-size model doesn't have time for haters

🤫Tabria Majors is quieting the haters, embracing her body, and is a new Sports Illustrated swimsuit superstar.

Being called brave brave seems - it just seems a bit overzealous for me. I don't know if what I do should be considered brave. Plus size model Tabria Majors is having a moment. But it's been a rough road to get there. I definitely went through my own personal transformation. I was never this comfortable with myself when I was in high school or my early college years. I would always just nitpick at little things that other people probably wouldn't even notice and things that people did notice really affected me. Muse Models signed Majors. But once she started modelling, she was trolled for her size online Those are not curves. That is unwanted and unhealthy body fat to a healthy level. which she should reduce and harassed in person. This girl rode by on her bicycle and she called me a "hippo." I was in a swimsuit... But Major's attitude "has earned her loyal fans. There just came a time when I didn't want to try and appease others. And other people's opinions stopped mattering because I don't know them. If someone says something negative about me and I don't know you- why should it affect me? Her confidence paid off. Majors answered an open casting call and became the 2nd ever plus size model to land the Swimsuit Edition. You're one of the final six! Oh my god, thank you so much! Being a part of Sports Illustrated is... is definitely hands down the biggest moment of my career as a model. It was something I always wanted to speak or tried to speak into existence, but it would happen. I just never thought that Her success is inspiring others, even though Majors has mixed feelings. Sometimes being called a role model is overwhelming for me because I fear that any wrong move any mistake I make will just be detrimental. I just want people to realize that I'm human. I make mistakes. Just don't call her I feel like policemen, and firefighters, and teachers even- firefighters, and teachers even - they're the brave ones. I'm just a girl who's confident in myself and is trying to inspire others to be as well.