Questions I’m Tired of Answering: Ron Howard

Ron Howard will take your questions 🙋‍♂️— just stop asking him these.

Ron Howard 5 questions he’s tired of answering.

Ron Howard is an American filmmaker and actor. Howard is best known for playing two high-profile roles in television sitcoms in his youth and directing a number of successful feature films later in his career. We’re asking really nicely on Ron’s behalf to please stop asking the actor/director/producer these particular questions!

He’s a little weary of people asking why he transitioned from acting to directing

“You know, I was in a popular television show Happy Days in America, The Andy Griffith Show, and American Graffiti”

Why did he want to become a director?

“And to me, it's kind of obvious, because directing is an extension of control and it just was a job that appealed to me, so it's kind of a simple answer.”

How does he feel about Donald Trump?

“I get a little tired of sort answering or not answering that one depending on my frame of mind that day.”

Why does he think he’s had a successful marriage?

“I've been married for almost 44 years. I'm very grateful for this, but I don't think that because I've had this experience, this kind of gift of this great relationship, that that means there's some formula that I know how it's happened. It's just my good fortune.”

What's his favorite project?

“Which movie have you directed that you were the proudest of or that was your favorite project? And I get tired of it being asked because it's a really difficult one to answer… I don't even really know how to address it because there are things that I love about all of the films, things that disappoint me about all of the films. And everyone is its own unique experience and it's a little bit like saying, who's your favorite kid? I have four kids and now five grandkids. Who's your favorite? Can't. I don't want to answer that question and I don't really know how to.”