Rosalía Talks Power, Nails, and Femininity

"It's a symbol of power and strength... They could almost appear to be a weapon." Rosalía talked to Brut about her long nails — and how female power is at the core of her latest album. 💅

Rosalía and female power

Singer Rosalía produces, writes, composes and sings all her own songs. She showcases Female power which is at the core of her album. It was very clear to her what she wanted, the album would be called El Mal Querer, and it would be about a toxic love, about a dark love, a love of possessiveness, of jealousy. She wanted to take an in-depth look at these passions. Rosalía Vila Tobella known magnanimously as Rosalía, is a Spanish singer, songwriter, actress and record producer. Known for her modern interpretations of flamenco music, Rosalía crossed language boundaries after receiving praise from international influencers and after several collaborations with artists such as J Balvin, Pharrell Williams and James Blake.

Rosalía dedicated her most recent single “Aute Cuture” to women, and to her symbol of strength. “I love really long nails because, for me, they are a symbol of…What I’m going to say is very personal to me, but it’s a symbol of power and strength, of radical and extreme femininity, in a way. And at the same time, they could almost appear to be a weapon, don’t you think? Or they could act as a type of weapon. I like that, and I think that Aute Cuture, among other things, has a sense of humor. It’s a song with a spark, where there’s…a bit of banter in the lyrics. You know? And the nails are an element that has always been highly present, visually, in my videos, and so on. Because I’ve always worn them this way, I’ve worn them very long for many years now.

Her song “A Ningún Hombre” has become an anthem for women’s empowerment. “I think it’s a song…that has a lot of strength. It always makes me feel strong when I sing it. And when I sing it on stage, I always see that people sing it too. Women sing it, but not only women, men sing it too. I just love that. And ultimately, I think it’s a song about power and anyone can identify with that.”


06/18/2019 12:01 PM
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    “She’s not like anything any of us have ever seen — Pharrell calls her a unicorn.” Read more about Rosalía's rise to stardom:

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