Saoirse Ronan on her life in movies

She was nominated for an Oscar at 14 years old and isn’t shy about tackling social issues. This is the life of Little Women’s Saoirse Ronan.

Meet Saoirse Ronan

She is one of the most influential young actresses of the moment, she was nominated for an Oscar at only 14 years old, her first name means "freedom" in Gaelic, this is Saoirse Ronan. Saoirse Ronan was born in 1994 in New York, to Irish parents and maintains a very close relationship with her mother, who like her was an actress as a child. At 3, her family left the United States to move to a village in the Irish countryside.

Major success before the age of 30

At 13, she earned her first Oscar nomination thanks to her third movie role in "Atonement". At 15, she played a young girl who was murdered in Peter Jackson's "Lovely Bones". In 2011, she got involved with Ireland's largest association for the fight against child abuse. In 2014, she worked under the direction of Wes Anderson in "The Grand Budapest Hotel". At 21, she played the role of an Irish immigrant arriving in New York City in "Brooklyn". That same year, she made it onto Forbes magazine's list of 30 most influential Europeans under the age of 30.

No stopping her

In January 2018, she participated in the launch of the Time's Up movement. That same year, she called for a “Yes” vote in the referendum on the liberalization of abortion, which had until then been banned in Ireland. At 23, she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a comedy for her role in "Lady Bird". At 25, Saoirse Ronan played the heroine Jo March in the new adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's book, "Little Women" by Greta Gerwig. Time off is an alien experience for the star, who is known to take big, unexpected risks on screen and has been hustling since age 12 to build the anomaly that is her resume.


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