Scarlett Johansson opens up

Before she became the top-grossing actress of all time, Scarlett Johansson lived on welfare and food stamps as a child...

06/27/2017 4:29 PM
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  • Dre D.
    06/28/2017 16:58

    Why do people have children knowing they can't afford it. Then complain when they struggle. No one made you have children.

  • Michael J.
    06/28/2017 15:52

    According to Wikipedia she was born and grew up in Manhattan (one of the most expensive places to live on the planet) and her father was an architect. Not buying the "came from nothing" vibe/tone of this story. That said, she's doing good things, so... 👍🏻

  • Juan M.
    06/28/2017 05:42

    Rod Benavides

  • Susan K.
    06/28/2017 03:44

    someone who hasnt forgotten where she came from

  • Ashley C.
    06/28/2017 03:24

    What a woman.

  • Veronica S.
    06/28/2017 03:13

    Miguel Angel Bunbury

  • Danielle B.
    06/28/2017 02:46

    Who cares

  • Vicki P.
    06/28/2017 00:34

    Love her honesty. They were helped by programs that were set up to help people transition; not a life-long dependency passed from generation to generation. THAT is what people are so opposed to; not helping those who need help getting on their feet. Big difference.

  • Ryan P.
    06/28/2017 00:10

    Shame on you for hating this woman, 😋

  • Austin T.
    06/28/2017 00:09

    she's so much better than Kirsten Dunst

  • Jean N.
    06/28/2017 00:06

    Love her hair beautiful

  • Jason P.
    06/27/2017 23:37

    No one wants to end social programs. What we want is a line drawn in the sand and some management of programs. Not expansion and lifers. Everyone is 2-4 bad life accidents away from needing help. They NEED to be there. That being said these programs were NEVER designed to be your entire income or for you to be on them for life. Sadly the SECOND you mention reduction, management or scaling back of ANY program you get labeled a monster and how you would sell your mother for a dollar if you had the opportunity.

  • Christine C.
    06/27/2017 22:11

    Planned parenthood is not just an abortion clinic. I went there before I could afford insurance when I was a teenager for birth control. Never had an abortion. Knock it off with these remarks, seriously.

  • Teresa L.
    06/27/2017 21:39

    Then do good things for these millions of children with the millions of dollars you earned, are earning, and will be earning. No one is going to stop you.

  • Nick M.
    06/27/2017 20:49

    Maybe your parents shouldn't have had 4 kids if they can't afford it.

  • Belen P.
    06/27/2017 19:50

    You crush

  • Amanda E.
    06/27/2017 18:42

    Scarlett Johansson, A lot of us have been on some form of help growing up. It's nothing to be ashamed of. You use it for the time being and then grab your bootstraps and hit the road and work towards your goals.