Schwarzenegger wants Trump to visit D.C school

Arnold Schwarzenegger has an offer for President Donald J. Trump... Will this lead to another Twitter feud or to a buried hatchet ?

03/21/2017 5:54 PM
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  • Mary F.
    03/21/2017 20:13

    They bothneedtogrow up

  • Kevin M.
    03/21/2017 20:38

    This coming from a husband at the time who slept with the help to father a bastard child !

  • Debora M.
    03/21/2017 20:54

    That has nothing to do with feeding the poor Kevin McWilliams.

  • Jeffrey K.
    03/21/2017 23:48

    Why are programs like meals on wheels and after school activities a federal issue that should be a state issue.

  • Marcus D.
    03/21/2017 23:58

    Why shouldn't it be a federal issue? These are still,first and foremost,residents of the U.S,before their individual state.

  • Romie S.
    03/22/2017 00:03

    Meals On wheels is less than 4% funded

  • Trevor N.
    03/22/2017 00:09

    HAHAHAHA coming from the man whose approval rating MATCHED the all time low approval rating of Gov Grey Davis at 22%...Arnold needs to do more research on not only the programs cut but WHY? I hate govt and almost no president republican or democrat will do what's right for all, but in his budget cuts/relocations of money that was purposes was 100% flipped in the right direction and explained QUITE well at the press briefing! As a former CA governor, he himself of all people should know that not only is meals on wheels a scam performed by more than 1/2 the states that receive money for it, BUT is a state by state choice to have or not. So if your state wants the program and can't afford it, find other programs to either alter the budget for funding or completely eliminating! I'd suggest starting with sanctuary cities and programs for illegals especially education programs! Suddenly our democrat politicians are concerned for its starving and needy elderly citizens but THROWS money to programs for illegals to help re-assure their next election.

  • Gray H.
    03/22/2017 00:22

    Yea take him to a rich school in Washington. You a dumbass

  • Alexander S.
    03/22/2017 00:46

    Great Arnold

  • Chase T.
    03/22/2017 00:55

    Arnold is awful! What an idiot!

  • Juan C.
    03/22/2017 00:57

    Meleka Malak..🤔

  • Matias S.
    03/22/2017 01:03

    It's a proposed budget. Look it up terminator.

  • Mhyar A.
    03/22/2017 01:15

    "Let's do it huh". Love Arnold

  • Jenelle N.
    03/22/2017 01:23

    Don't be fooled, Arnold is a total asshat too

  • Munoz V.
    03/22/2017 01:30

    People will kill you over time, and how they'll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like 'be realistic.' Worse president ever 🖕🖕🖕

  • Derek C.
    03/22/2017 01:33

    If steroids didn't exist Arnold would just be some guy with an accent probably amounting to little.

  • Paul P.
    03/22/2017 01:35

    Any idiot politician involved in California should keep their mouth shut cause they are clueless when it comes to running a state! California is bankrupt for a reason and people are losing their rights extremely fast!

  • Edgar V.
    03/22/2017 01:39

    The advicernator

  • Alvaro G.
    03/22/2017 01:40

    Got'em coach!

  • Fernando M.
    03/22/2017 01:41