Schwarzenegger wants Trump to visit D.C school

Arnold Schwarzenegger has an offer for President Donald J. Trump... Will this lead to another Twitter feud or to a buried hatchet ?

03/21/2017 5:54 PM


  • Robert M.
    03/23/2017 00:19

    He needs to read the bill and see actual cuts, which are less than 10%...of total budgets...

  • Alex S.
    03/22/2017 22:58

    I stand with Arnold

  • Alex S.
    03/22/2017 22:57

    All the red necks standing up for a orange red neck 😂😂😂 god bless America 😂😂😂😂

  • Laert D.
    03/22/2017 22:47

    Haha awesome!

  • Jonas D.
    03/22/2017 22:35


  • Aaron L.
    03/22/2017 22:33

    Umm. Take a look at Indiana meals on wheels still thrives state ran. Constitutional republic allows states to be creative do what they want within a certain restrain Lol. People don't believe the Rhino/baby sitting child molester vomit out of his mouth. Mr Arnold. Fade away sir. Fade away

  • Julio S.
    03/22/2017 22:21

    I just do not why some people are going against Arnold, ok he is not the nicest guy nor was the best with immigrants when he was governor but everything he is saying against trump is true!!!

  • Julio S.
    03/22/2017 22:19

    Good job, now can you terminate him??

  • Matt B.
    03/22/2017 22:14

    Arnies at Lincoln harbor!! Beautiful view of the big apple

  • Cody H.
    03/22/2017 22:04

    Trump is the man

  • David V.
    03/22/2017 21:54

    Coming from guy you praises Hitler

  • Sean C.
    03/22/2017 21:46

    Arnold, You have been band from my house in Michigan.

  • Dean N.
    03/22/2017 21:44

    Lay off the testosterone Ahhhnold its making everything shrink including your brain👍😜

  • Alex O.
    03/22/2017 21:41

    Arnold for President

  • Anthony L.
    03/22/2017 20:59

    Ironic since he gutted our education system as governor of California. He's no better than trump. Both are terrible. Politics all are corrupt on both left and right wings

  • Teddy M.
    03/22/2017 20:49

    Go get your maid prego you fucking border jumping aussy

  • John K.
    03/22/2017 20:41

    Arnold stick to the movies brah

  • Nolo M.
    03/22/2017 20:21

    Arnold i have always respected you and liked all your movies. But you need to keep your mouth shut when it comes to politics. You ruined your political career and your marriage by sleeping with the maid. Just lift weights and shut up already!!

  • Dylan K.
    03/22/2017 19:34

    Proud to have Trump as my president

  • Aren S.
    03/22/2017 19:31

    Shut up steroid!

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