• Thelma L.
    07/03/2017 01:38

    I was just there yesterday. The scene in question was still there.

  • Paul S.
    07/02/2017 23:16

    Fuckin' snivelin' snowflakes. Perhaps you enjoy a nice mouth full of O'bung-hole fum-un-da cheese to go with that whine?? Go block traffic on a freeway somewhere. PLEASE.

  • Aundrea R.
    07/02/2017 18:44

    This is complete and utter bullshit. Pirates of the Caribbean is supposed to depict from what happened back then not what's happening now. It's freaking history if they don't like it they can move on to the next ride. They're destroying Walt Disney's vision of what he originally created. Sick and tired of these CEOs bending backwards for dumbass liberals if they can't handle it they need to move on.Liberals are a disease to our country. People need to start writing in to Disney, SeaWorld and other corporations that are bending over backwards for these fucktards. People need to stop getting their buttholes hurt for what actually happened in history. PC needs to go away forever!!!

  • Yadira R.
    07/02/2017 16:03

    Edgar Solis oh my god this is so stupid .-.

  • Veronica D.
    07/02/2017 15:46

    I wonder if it was African slaves would people still defend it, yelling "leave it, its part of history". You are literally saying, let celebrate sex slaves in a childrens ride. I find it funny that people are claiming its part of history and we should show it, but when African Americans and Native Americans bring up their history they are told to shut up and leave it in the past.

  • Sterling A.
    07/02/2017 14:01

    This is the thing.... Pirates of the Caribbean is supposed to be about the "life of pirates". They are the dirty, nasty, scoundrels of the seas who are thieves and murderers. It is not supposed to be "good". It's supposed to take bad things and make them into a parody of sorts (guys in jail bribing a dog to get keys, guy getting tortured in a water barrel who spurts out water from a bubbly mouth, etc). If you want a "cute ride", go to the Buzzlightyear one or Space Mountain where there are no humans, just space!

  • Emilie T.
    07/02/2017 13:42

    We cannot change history. As a woman, when I look at that scene, I am reminded of the women before me, and how much they had to overcome throughout history to be as respected as they are today.

  • Matt M.
    07/02/2017 13:29

    This is dumb. If someone is angry that the storyline and ride are like this get over yourselves. It's an important story to reflect back on our terrible ancestors and realize how good we have it today.

  • Stephanie M.
    07/02/2017 12:26

    Guys it's a scene in a ride... It really isn't that big of a deal. Disney is a family- friendly company so they are getting rid of what is not family- friendly. Get over it.

  • Austin W.
    07/02/2017 10:58

    , is this true?

  • Jose H.
    07/02/2017 10:26

    So thanks for making it less realistic. You have a hard time explaining to your kids this?? Why ? Can't you explain that this happened in history, many years ago? It doesn't happen now? We have advanced? Is that so hard? How will you explain where babies come from? Or where you go when you're not sleeping at home? Lmfao That fat guy was gay by the way! I doubt he has kids.

  • Tom N.
    07/02/2017 09:55

    If it's difficult to explain that, it's got to be plain torturous to explain all the guys getting shot at on that ride. Oh, and the fact that they have guns to begin with. It is inherently an un-PC ride. They are literally described as "really bad eggs"... why isn't that just the explanation? "Why is that happening?" "Well, because the pirates are bad people, like it says in the song."

  • Eric K.
    07/02/2017 09:39

    Well ita historically accurate

  • Carl C.
    07/02/2017 09:14

    At the end of the day whats the harm in the change? I mean this is supposed to be a family friendly ride at a family oriented theme park. I don't see the big deal in changing that part of the ride. Its either make a minor change on the ride now or see it be gone all together in the future because its not getting enough riders. 🤗

  • Josh V.
    07/02/2017 09:05

    Guess what, it's their park and they can do whatever they want with it. *gasp*

  • Reesa B.
    07/02/2017 08:35

    Do you people realize that the original disney movies, that was a different time and era, i kinda think of it as a history lesson for movie production. So why take away something that DID happen and you can't ignore the past. The whole reason we learn about hitler, is so we never repeat it in history.

  • Andrew P.
    07/02/2017 08:26

    We wants the red head!!! Please disney stop!!

  • Martha J.
    07/02/2017 08:20

    I think its history...they are going to learn it in school... so r u going to change that also

  • Nori S.
    07/02/2017 08:17

    Everybody on here is mad but who the fuckkk cares. Lol is it your money though? Asking for a friend

  • Phyrun D.
    07/02/2017 07:46

    I don't care much. I can still get lit at DCA, walk my inebriated self to pirates and still enjoy it. 😬 🍺

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