Sexual Harassement at work

"Women are still fighting for basic civil and human rights", actor David Schwimmer is raising awareness on sexual harassement in the workplace with #ThatsHarassement campaign.

04/10/2017 1:52 PM


  • Jake A.
    04/11/2017 15:08

    Does anyone know where they get their statistics from? "35% of women are sexually harassed at work" that sounds extremely high. Maybe we should consider our definition of sexual harassment and also check our sources.

  • Jordan B.
    04/11/2017 13:37

    Hahahah basic human and civil rights? Uhhhh namr onr

  • Lucas S.
    04/11/2017 12:35

    So is the campaign combatting harassment or specifically sexual harassment? If the campaign is combating sexual harassment. The first clip doesn't make sense. And the # should be . If it's combating all harassment then it all works. But having a general hashtag and focusing on one thing included in that hashtag would be like feminism being about equality but only fighting for women's issues.

  • Katie R.
    04/11/2017 06:46

    But like why are females I barely know always trying to hug me though??? I will hug someone I know that's fine I'm okay with that.. but I'm really uncomfortable with strangers touching me period. As for how men act.. when I was a waitress... Everyone touches everyone. It is so often it feels normal... But it really gets to be rediculous..

  • Anthony S.
    04/11/2017 06:29

    Why not do something about it instead of complaining and man hating? If some guy OR girl is harassing you, take care of it on the spot. However that may be. Feminism is just about hating men about anything. As if women don't get away with things all the time.

  • Surge V.
    04/11/2017 06:01


  • Stephanie F.
    04/11/2017 05:55


  • Madisen H.
    04/11/2017 05:12

    Why did it show a breast exam while talking about sexual harassment? I understand the facts that were on the screen, but I honestly feel like that would send a bad message. That isn't sexual harassment, but a much needed screening for cancer? I just don't want anyone to fear breast exams for unnecessary reasons.

  • Audra J.
    04/11/2017 03:40

    Why I quit. THREE freaking jobs in my past. Men are pigs. And should ALWAYS be reported.

  • Hayley S.
    04/11/2017 03:20

    in case you needed another reason to love David schwimmer

  • Samantha C.
    04/11/2017 01:38


  • Renee O.
    04/11/2017 01:36

    as if i didn't already love ross enough

  • Alfonso I.
    04/11/2017 00:45

    Damn that dude looks old as shit now lol

  • Carmen S.
    04/10/2017 23:52

    Lol.. Ummm .. Where has he been? .. Cause im doin great.. And my rights are just fine and in place .. What an idiot

  • Michelle M.
    04/10/2017 22:47

    This is soooo important. I have yet to have a job at which i HAVENT been sexually harassed.

  • Sabra V.
    04/10/2017 21:38

    P.S. I have never used HR. Take care of it at the lowest level.

  • Sabra V.
    04/10/2017 21:36

    I'm not a hugger, end of discussion. I question and argue. I can do that because I have confidence in myself. A lot of women I know need to work on their own confidence before they think they can change someone's approach to them. Learn the confidence first the rest of it is easy. I work at a place that's 90% men, they know what they can and cannot say to me because I've made it clear. I get along with these people and have fun with them but I've already put out the rules and they live by them.

  • Adriana S.
    04/10/2017 20:06

    Ross is boss

  • Tyler W.
    04/10/2017 17:38

    Coming from the guy who went on a break with Rachel and kissed another chick

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