Spike Lee on years of racial injustice

"Black people have been dying for this country, and we still don't have our full rights." Spike Lee spoke with Brut about the George Floyd protests, police brutality, and the history of black G.I.s deployed to Vietnam, the subject of his new film "Da 5 Bloods."

06/10/2020 3:24 PM


  • Steve P.
    10/10/2020 15:53

    They need to let him make an adaptation movie with that terrorist script that the Latino screenwriter gave him.

  • Millie L.
    07/28/2020 04:20

    By your own ppl

  • Mark K.
    07/23/2020 09:26

    This coming from a privileged black man pfft 🙄

  • Joshua H.
    07/22/2020 01:46

    All propaganda to keep people busy why dems rig the presidential election

  • Keith D.
    07/16/2020 18:58

    The poor Irish were one of the first slaves ever recorded why don’t you hear about them oh I know why they’re Irish

  • Sharon L.
    07/10/2020 14:31

    You make no sense it's your way of thinking that keeps racism and hate going move forward in life be thankful those horrible days are long gone

  • Brian G.
    06/29/2020 03:46

    You victimize your own people by not letting them move on

  • Ronald J.
    06/15/2020 18:22

    Then go to Africa. If you want, I'm an American

  • Gary R.
    06/14/2020 16:18


  • Melony C.
    06/14/2020 13:08

    I know the history. We all do. We're indoctrinated with it from kindergarten and onward. And my stepdad came back from Vietnam a different and damaged person .Blacks were NOT singled out for Vietnam. They were drafted like everyone else and were on the front-lines with everyone else, and not disproportionately so. I especially lose interest when people start making excuses for crime, looting, etc. and call it by another name (oppression). You also left out the part about the millions of white men who died fighting against slavery in the Civil War. You also left out that Africans themselves were selling other Africans to the trans-Atlantic slave trade -- that included Arabs (who still own black slaves in the Middle East) and that thousands of emancipated blacks themselves owned slaves. So stop blaming "whitey" for all the wrongs in the world.

  • David R.
    06/14/2020 12:15

    He forgot to mention it was blacks selling blacks into slavery

  • Lenard S.
    06/14/2020 00:12

    Go ahead on boy you always been my mentor

  • Stevo R.
    06/13/2020 21:21

    He have white grandma.

  • Leila S.
    06/13/2020 20:42

    "Resilience, Inclusion & Unification": The current design of the U.S flag is its 27TH. : Change the Union Flag White Star to White + Black Star for inclusion New Design:

  • James R.
    06/12/2020 19:37

    We Need A Spiritual And Social Cleansing To Wash Away The Last Vestiges Of The Original Sin Of Slavery Removing all vestiges of the Confederacy is not destroying culture or history as some argue. It is the removal of objects and names that honor those things that should not be honored. In Germany, the Germans do not honor Hitler and the Nazis with statues or monuments. And we should not honor the Confederacy by maintaining public reminders of that misguided cause. Confederate statues, flags, and names were constructed and maintained by mostly southern racists who did not want to accept losing the civil war or the emancipation of black people. Many white people, from both north and south, allowed it, either because they had no choice, or because they saw it as a way to pacify neo-confederates, or because they were racists themselves. Whatever the reason, it has always been a white thing to portray those who wore the blue and the grey as brothers at heart; brothers who had a serious disagreement that led to a civil war, but who were ultimately all Americans, to be mutually respected and honored for fighting for what they believed. But for damned good reason, it has never been a black thing, and it is time to understand, respect, and honor that. Thousands of black soldiers fought for their freedom in the civil war, and every other war, and they still haven't fully won it. They and all African Americans since have never had, nor will they ever have a reason to honor the southern cause or to feel brotherly towards those who once enslaved them, continued a form of slavery under Jim Crow, and, in many ways, still abuse them to this day. It is time for all of us, especially white people, to fully honor those who suffered the most from slavery, have the most to gain by continuing to fight for their freedom, and who now have the most reason to want the final removal of all vestiges of the things that remind them of the suffering they endured, and still endure, at the hands of some white people. Many white people who understand this are finally joining black people in the cities and on the streets of America. And they are all calling for a cleansing; a spiritual and social cleansing to wash away the last vestiges of the original sin of slavery and renew the promise of freedom that should be the birthright of all Americans, regardless of race, national origin, or place in history. It is time to place and keep the history of the Confederacy where it belongs: in the history books and museums, where it can be remembered and studied, not as a heritage to be proud of, but as a belief system, based on slavery and racism, that caused Americans to fight a bloody civil war that almost destroyed our nation. JRB

  • S.E. A.
    06/12/2020 16:30

    If America dudnt get into slavery it wouldnt have such a race problem. America brought it to themselves. Reap what you sew America you racist nation.

  • Martyn S.
    06/12/2020 06:11

    i thought the early africans where all called will in the film zulu they said fire at will

  • Brian G.
    06/12/2020 02:33

    Shaka Zulu and African kings and Warlords sold African people to the Europeans as fast as they could for gold silver pots pans knives and axes do your homework

  • Jimmy K.
    06/11/2020 23:35

    Your ancestors were NOT stolen.They were SOLD by their neighbors,who were also black, for over 1000 years.Slavery still exists in many areas of Africa,and even Spike Lee knows it.Hes nothing but a race baiter (also his movies are garbage)

  • Teddy C.
    06/11/2020 22:13

    Your ancestors were sold by Africans to Dutch slave traders

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