• Jordan W.
    06/23/2017 18:29


  • Juan '.
    06/13/2017 18:41

    Anybody else notice that was the weakest hit of a bong I've ever seen but it's a "triple hit" lmao foh

  • Ab W.
    06/07/2017 21:40

    Eat that Nixon

  • Makayla M.
    05/30/2017 20:23

    me as a mom

  • Camran L.
    05/30/2017 05:11

    our moms

  • Anthony M.
    05/30/2017 05:05


  • Stephen P.
    05/30/2017 02:47


  • Ana L.
    05/29/2017 21:03

    This is a tendency a fashion, as an image designer and a lawyer I understand perfectly! But way you guys never question the WAYS? This propaganda because it is have a deep impact in the society they remained us about the parents of this woman's the generation of the 60's, this woman's was a little kids they are the daughters of them. The marihuana and the psicotrophics are a symbol that stand for a generation that was fighting for the end of the world of Vietnam, the freedom and the return to the nature, the paganism in it self. This generation wanted to destroy the walls, the borders and the racist and sexist differences, you are smoking in a artefact that was designed and belong to Middle East. But you forget all this and is a recent history you are unable to to recall your one history and understand the purpose of this campaign and propaganda and the hidden reasons they experiment with you psyche over and over. Now you are building walls, having a racist state coming back and doing all the opposites of your parents ore grand parents did with this drug symbol. Am not against anything personally is your choice what you eat dress ore think ore smoke, am just disappointed that you just don't seem to get it! They take you Anywhere they want trough history and experiment with you and what appear complete new scenario, we'll guess what? notting is new just your reaction and you knowledge about events and symbols is whats new! You don't even know what you hate and way, you just react as a collective mass that follows fashion. You know those hippies was thinkers and revolutionaries in their ideas, that's the difference between their movement and a bunch of high drug addicts.

  • Katie O.
    05/29/2017 20:55

    us as moms😂😂

  • Candice D.
    05/29/2017 20:32

    Smocking lol

  • Sativa R.
    05/29/2017 17:47

    let's move to Colorado daddy

  • Robin H.
    05/29/2017 17:36

    I wanna smock with my mommm

  • Michelle D.
    05/29/2017 17:28


  • Adriana R.
    05/29/2017 17:24


  • Tyler B.
    05/29/2017 17:20

    Lmao its retarded to be posting it around and showing it off. My mom smokes weed like a got damn champ but she isn't posting it anywhere. I smoke weed every got damn day and I don't make videos and take pictures 😂

  • Daniel D.
    05/29/2017 17:07

    But you can drink a beer and watch em

  • Torrey C.
    05/29/2017 17:06

    Brut. U spelled smoking wrong. Smocking?

  • Tiffany S.
    05/29/2017 16:36

    Your life

  • Marley S.
    05/29/2017 16:36

    you've been a stoner mom since I was born 😂

  • Jdubs W.
    05/29/2017 16:34

    You gonna be a stoner mom babe??😂a

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